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The Vanities and 10 Questions with ….

A tongue-in-cheek jab at our collective state of pacification under the guise of entertainment. See more below

The Vanities and 10 Questions with TotalNtertainment.

The Vanities have unleashed their frustrated new single ‘Reality TV’ with their debut music video which sees the young band star in their own nightmarish hybrid of Britain’s Got Talent, Black Mirror and The Limmy Show – a tongue-in-cheek jab at our collective state of pacification under the guise of entertainment. We got to chat with Alan about the new single and all things Reality TV related.

1. Thanks for your time, how does it feel having your new single out?
Feels great to finally release something we have been sitting on for a while, plans get postponed and schedules are delayed, but here we are. Hair brushed and parted…

2. The track takes a swipe at reality TV, where do you think the obsession with fame came from as reality shows have always been around pre-Big Brother/X-Factor?
People will cut off a limb and sell their granny to be famous, maybe it’s instilled in folk that true happiness is on the other side and having enough attention to placate you and fund your ego is the answer. We truly are a nation obsessed with celebrity culture, and they will literally make anyone a celebrity overnight. You can be rich in possessions but not rich in life. Be careful what you wish for.

3. If one of you could go on a show like Britain’s Got Talent, which of you would go on and what talent would you show off?
That would have to be Robin who can insulate any pipe you want, he’s absolutely banging at it. See that pipe? He could do that. King of the tradesman.

4. If you got the chance to go in the Big Brother house which four other people would you want to be locked in there with?
Bill Murray, Debbie Harry, Mike D, Irvine Welsh

5. We’ve got everything from talent shows to house renovations to cookery reality TV shows. Is there one type of reality show that you think would actually be worth seeing?
No, none, there’s nothing that important going on in anyone else’s lives that you have to watch their everyday lives. That’s not to say that we don’t, everyone has a guilty pleasure of car crash television, we aren’t always the cynical bunch. We all like to watch stuff fall apart from the outside in, but it’s just that there probably isn’t anything that’s worth seeing that you couldn’t gawp at anyway. Maybe give everyone constant media coverage for a day and allow them access to your personal life, and see if they still want to be a star at the end, that would be interesting.

6. You’ve spent lockdown writing new music, what is the plan for new music and how much of it is inspired by the current situation?
We are writing lots of new stuff, interesting nooks and crannies we are venturing down and directions we are taking. Probably some of it is inspired by lockdown but definitely more subconscious than meant. I wouldn’t say subject matter is driving us, life goes on. Or not in this case.

7. It looks like we’re about to go into a second lockdown, what are your thoughts on that and how does it affect your plans?

It’s gutting to find out we are spiking again, but it isn’t entirely surprising. It is extremely detrimental to all bands and artists, or anyone in the creative industry. Our entire 2020 has been halted and cancelled from gigs to releases, we have no idea when normality will return but it’s taking its toll on all of us, and to see it’s only had round 1 with us is pish.

8. You’re inspired by a lot of the major punk bands from the ’90s, do you remember the punk record or band that first turned you on to punk?

The first people that turned us onto punk would be the first wave of the 70’s like The Clash, Ramones, Buzzcocks etc. But through adolescence the 90’s Cali bands have definitely impacted our sound. Particularly Green Day and Rancid, Dookie was probably one of the most influential 90’s records that shaped our early sound.

9. Just for fun: If you could morph two animals to make one super animal, what two animals would you choose? Why?
Ehhh, probably Lewis with a bear, Lewis is already the hardest man on the planet so mixed with a bear would just be mental. Aye I’d pay to see that.

10. Thanks for your time, heading into 2021, how would you sum up 2020 for The Vanities and what are you hoping for 2021?
2020 for The Vanities has been, like many others, not great. Start of the year we had a big Tut’s gig and we played Paisley and they were both bouncing to be fair, if only we had known…But we plan to drop more music, we don’t know in which format yet but we are throwing ideas about. But the balls rolling again and we are back on the wagon troops, so keep your eyes peeled. 2021 we hope, providing Rona doesn’t mess up the plans, would be to gig, gig, gig, gig and eh, gig.

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