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Marie White and 10 Questions with …

Her brilliant debut single ‘Blue Jumper’ is also out now. We chatted to Marie about Glastonbury and more.

Marie White and 10 Questions with TotalNtertainment.

With a Glastonbury 2019 ‘Emerging Talent Competition’ prize already under her belt, singer-songwriter Marie White has just sighed major deal with Decca Records, joining the iconic label’s diverse roster. Her brilliant debut single ‘Blue Jumper’ is also out now. We chatted to Marie about Glastonbury and more.

1. So, thanks for your time, it’s a bittersweet week for you – a new song is out this Friday but it also should have been Glastonbury…

Hey! Thank you so much for having me. I know, I know. It’s a pretty sad time, but it was supposed to rain on Saturday and Sunday this year at the festival… Me and wet hair are not friends!

2. You played Glastonbury in 2019, what was that experience like and how did it help you?

Well I’ve actually never been to a festival before, so to play 5 stages at the biggest festival in the world was incredibly overwhelming. I was honestly so nervous, and sweaty haha, but thankfully my performances lead to an offer from Decca, and a lot more Instagram followers, which definitely calmed the nerves.

3. Other than Glastonbury, 2019 was a pretty decent year for you – were there any other particular highlights?

Oh god, there were so many highlights, how long have you got?! 2019 was by far the most amazing year of my life. I won Glastonbury’s emerging artist, went on to play 5 stages at the festival, signed a 4 album record deal with Decca, toured the UK with Keane, including 2 nights at The Royal Albert Hall, which was just ridiculous. Then I signed my publishing deal with Universal, played my first sold out London headline show, and ate 14 roast potatoes on Christmas Day to celebrate such a great year! It won’t get any better than this, I’ve definitely peaked!

4. And how much as the current situation put the brakes on the momentum you have built up ?

To be honest, I think that the current situation has put the accelerator on the momentum. I hope that’s right, I don’t drive! Me and my girlfriend spent so many sleepless nights storyboarding our ideas, and when we started working with producer Carey Willetts, everything just started to make sense. Now there’s no stopping us, I’ve never achieved so much in such a short space of time!

5. As a songwriter what do you get out of putting your ideas down into song ?

Before the lockdown, I found myself questioning my sound, which feels a bit weird when you’re a songwriter, but sometimes you just become incredibly insecure within yourself musically. I feel such heightened emotions when writing, and always desperately wanted that to come across on the record, but we could never make it work.

6. Like we said though, you have a new song out this Friday, what can you tell us about it ?

Well, I wrote Blue Jumper when I was 16 about a friend of mine that I felt very strongly towards. I wasn’t sure if it was a crush, or an infatuation, but at the time it felt like the end of the world! It turned out to just be a very loving friendship, calm down everybody, absolutely nothing ever happened! It was very innocent and quite sweet really, but I laugh about it now!

7. And now you have a deal with Decca Records, it must be full steam ahead for you in terms of an album ? What is the plan there ?

I mean, I’d love to give you an exclusive, but it’s been an incredible few years, so the plan right now is to keep writing and keep releasing.

8. If you could put together your own mini Glastonbury which five artists would you pick alongside you and why ?

This is literally the best question ever! 

Okay, I would say Gavin Degraw as my first pick. I am genuinely obsessed to the point that I’d consider turning straight for him. Then I’d go Lewis Capaldi, for obvious reasons, the boy is amazing. We would need to have Adele on the line up, I can’t imagine she would be free though, and I’m poor so there’s no chance! Okay 2 left, I’d say Kodaline, mainly because their album “A perfect world” has saved me on many occasions, and then I’m completely torn between 3 people so I’m having all of them! Ed Sheeran, arguably the best songwriter on the planet, NF my favourite rapper in the world, and James Bay who I would do anything to collaborate with. I take my first statement back, it’s a great question, but that was really difficult!

9. And now you can no longer be classed as “Glastonbury’s emerging talent”, what advice would you give someone in the position you were in twelve to eighteen months ago ?

Always be yourself, whatever that is, just be you.

10. Finally, thanks for your time, just to finish, if we move the clock forward to 2021, what are your hopes and ambitions as a songwriter ?

Thank you for having me, I’m so grateful for your time. Well I did have a little predictions list, but I think the lockdown may have slightly changed my plans. I would really like to win a Brit Award, but 2021 might be slightly too optimistic… I’ll leave you with that thought!

You can find out more about Marie and her latest single here