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Steve’n’Seagulls and 10 Questions with ….

Get some cold ones and fasten your boots, cause when these boys come to town you’re in for a good time!

Steve’n’Seagulls and 10 Questions with TotalNtertainment. Tireless touring has earned the band a growing fan base around the world and they are more and more known of their air tight, entertaining and musically even more varying live shows. We got the chance to have a quick chat with the band.

1. Thanks for your time, how is life treating you at the moment?
Happy to send few words to you. Life is strange at the moment. But considering the on going events and pandemic life is treating us quite OK.
2. Tell us about your upcoming new album ‘Another Miracle’, what can fans expect from it?
It is something different. There are familiar elements to be found. But we feel that this time we were able to make an album that brings forth new sides and vibes of our band. There is a lot of energy, good songs, arrangements and original tracks. It is something you have not heard before.
3. And you’re celebrating with a live stream concert on release day.
Yes. We have a record release concert at the Hall of culture in Helsinki, Finland. And that show will be streamed live and for free.
Anything special planned for that?
Well, let’s see what happens. We might have some ideas up our sleeve. 🙂
4. Your last video “Perfect Strangers” came out on Halloween, what’s Halloween like in Finland normally and what is your favourite Halloween childhood memory?
Halloween is not a traditional Finnish holiday. We have something similar to that. I guess originally it is a day when we honor and think of those who are not with us anymore. It is a day to take it easy with family and friends. As a kid it was nice to light some candles outside. Usually at that time of the year we don’t have snow and it’s quite dark. So candles look nice
5. What can you tell us about the bluegrass scene in Finland, is there one?
There is a small scene of this type of oriented music in Finland. I feel that there is a part of the scene which is really focused on tradition and maybe more serious bluegrass. And then there are people who renew and maybe have some elements of bluegrass in their music. Beer is involved sometimes.
6. You state that the new record sees you exploring new colours and shapes. Is there anything about the record that you think will surprise fans?
Yes. We feel that the original tracks might surprise people. Also there are different kind of rhythmic elements on the album. We think that people will hear new things when it comes to our band.
7. Like you said, you also wanted to keep your roots. How did the writing process work for this record to make sure that you kept those roots but explored new areas?
It was tricky at some points. But we try to keep the state of mind of doing things that feel good and natural to us. We feel that it’s the way to take care of our roots. Everything should feel good and natural to do
8. You’ve also re-arranged some classics, what prompted that and what did you want to achieve with the re-arranged versions?
We wanted to respect some songs that are part of our youth or songs that feel good to us. We also wanted to maybe show our views of these songs. A big part of our band is to have fun with music while respecting the great ones.
9. Just for fun, seagulls are known for annoying people at the seaside. If you were an actual seagull for a day who would you annoy and what would you do to annoy them?
The classic would be to drop a seagull bomb on somebody’s hat. But maybe I’d go and steal somebody’s ice cream. Maybe I’d go and annoy my little brother.
10. Thanks for your time and good luck with the album. Just to finish, what are your hopes for 2021?
Thank you! Let’s hope that everyone stays safe and healthy. And of course we hope to do the tours that we’ve had to postpone from 2020. That’d mean Australia, Europe and North America. As much live music as possible.

You can find out more about the album here:

You can also watch their album launch live show online at 6.00pm Nov 20th, here: