Grunge-fuelled power pop starlets BABYTEETH are thrilled to announce the release of their debut EP “Knock Yourself Out”, set for release on 4th December 2020, through trailblazing independent label 7 West Music.

In celebration of the EP news and 2020 drawing to a close, the London-based noise-making best mates have released a riff-driven reimagining of Ariana Grande’s GRAMMY®-nominated smash ‘God Is A Woman’. The band-edited video serves as a love letter to live music and  features BABYTEETH’s most treasured touring memories: opening for Adam Ant at a sold-out London’s Roundhouse last year and playing alongside The Naked And Famous, and The Pearl Hearts – WATCH HERE.

BABYTEETH ringleader and frontwoman Camilla Roholm explains: The video is a collection of all our favourite times playing shows together – it’s our little ode to live music. We just can’t wait to get back to getting loud and sweaty with a bunch of people again, looking back, that footage is enough to give our cold dead hearts a warm fuzzy feeling.”

“It’s unusual for us to record a cover but it came from our live shows” Roholm continues. “We’d always work on one cover track that we could surprise people with at the end of our set, we liked how this one turned out. None of us are guitar snobs, we appreciate pop music too, and Ariana is a really great writer. Also half of us have a crush on her so we hope she won’t hate our version.”

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