The Luka State and 10 Questions with TotalNtertainment. We got to chat with Conrad Ellis about virtual touring and superpowers, you can read more about that below.

1. Thanks for your time, how is life treating you at the moment?

You’re more than welcome, it’s a pleasure. Life’s weird but good although I suppose we’re all in a strange place at the moment as the world feels a little upside down. However I’m good, I’m focusing on spending time on myself. Writing music, keeping fit and staying healthy. The pandemic has made me realise what I have got, not what I think I want.

2. We’re a couple of weeks into 2021, what are your plans for the next twelve months?

Fingers crossed to get out there and tour our debut record. We just want to play gigs. Also we will spend some time writing and time in the studio making new music however there is no better feeling than getting out there and playing to our fans. Hopefully when the vaccine comes along, we can all resume our lives and get out there and play this album to all of you wonderful people.

3. You’ve been doing a virtual tour, how has that been going? What are the pro’s and cons of playing gigs this way in your opinion?

It’s been great thank you. It’s just been great to get back on stage again and make some noise. The pros are that online we can reach a mass audience, and reach out to as many people as possible which is quite incredible. I suppose the downside is we miss the human connection that we all so much rely on; something that we’re all craving at this moment in time. Connecting with an audience when everyone is going a bit mental at your gig is a special moment for us so I guess you miss that element.

You can find out more about the tour here:

4. Opinion is split as to whether or not live events will return in 2021, where do you sit on this and, what will have to happen to make sure they return safely for fans and artists?

First of all we have to stay positive and hopeful obviously we have to be real about the situation but I’d like us to all keep hope. Gigs will eventually come back and I have everything crossed that it will be in 2021. I think the vaccination is key so people know that they are safe in a room together, and know that everyone has received it. I think that would take a lot of anxiety out of the whole ordeal. We all miss live music more now than ever!!!

5. The gigs are a precursor to your new album, how badly affected were your plans for the album due to the events of the last twelve months?

Everybody who is a creative has felt the effects of the past 12 months. I’m not going to sit here and spin you a pity party about how this could of happened and how this hasn’t happened. We’ve all been dealt the same hand and we have all had to adapt and change to make this moment in time ours in some way. Obviously some plans changed but I think we’ve coped well with what’s been going on the past 12 months.

6. What can you tell us about the album?

We’re very proud of this record and we hope people enjoy listening to it as much as we enjoyed making it. We’re 4 lads from a working class town in Northern England, where there’s not much to do. This record encapsulates a time in our lives and where we are from. It’s about passion, escapism, love, lust, sex and being proud of where you are from. I suppose it’s a love letter to our home town Winsford.

7. Despite no live events, you had a successful year in terms of streaming. You must be pleased with this as a good starting point for when live events return and you can promote the band properly?

We’re made up with such an achievement. It’s a great platform for a band and it can help us in so many ways. Hopefully now many more people have heard from our band that more people are going to want to come to our gigs and I can’t wait for that moment!

8. During these difficult times, how important is it for a band at your level to look at other avenues of promotion rather than just live gigs?

I feel it’s very important. As I said we’re all in the same boat and we have to adapt and change to the hand we’ve all been dealt. I suppose we have to all get a little creative in a way to make this work through such a shit year. But creatives are creatives for a reason and they will find a way to succeed.

9. Just for fun: You accidentally ate some radioactive vegetables which give you a superpower. What would that superpower be and what is the first thing you would do with it?
Go back in time.. kidnap a T. rex train it as my pet and to play the guitar and then go to the 70’s introduce my T.Rex to Marc Bolan.. They become great friends and then T. rex have a T. rex in the band playing the band T. rex. It all ends in tears though as one day the T. rex would get hungry by seeing Marc’s shiny shoes which would result in Marc Bolan from T. rex getting eaten by his band member T. rex.

10. Thanks for your time and good luck for the year ahead, is there anything else you want to say just to finish off?

Thank you very much it’s a pleasure. I just want to add hang in there guys, gigs will be back and the world will resume and when it does, don’t be scared. We need to pick back up where we left off.. go back out there and support your local scene, go watch your mates’ band and go mental at the front. Book tickets to the small, and the big gigs. But don’t be afraid. We will be arm in arm again and on each other’s shoulders. Don’t lose faith and keep hope. Enjoy the record and I’ll see you at the front.

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