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YOUMonday launched by You Me At Six

You Me At Six are encouraging everyone to take some time out for themselves today, to do something for YOU.

You Me At Six have launched YOUMonday, turning the most depressing day of the year, Blue Monday, January 18th, into a day promoting self care, wellness and positivity.

In an effort to promote positive mental health in the increasingly challenging times we’re faced with, You Me At Six are encouraging everyone to take some time out for themselves today, to do something for YOU.

Frontman Josh Franceschi said: “2020 presented us with some of the most challenging circumstances ever, and 2021 is no place for a Blue Monday. We hope that everyone can join us in taking a little time out for themselves today, to do something for YOU. Stay safe, stay positive and support each other.”

Simon Gunning, CEO of CALM says: “Every day at CALM we see first-hand the value of people opening up. In 2020 our helpline answered over 140,00 calls and chats and directly prevented 564 suicides. With chats and messages exchanged around topics such as isolation, anxiety, relationship concerns, health worries, financial stress and suicidal thoughts.

Whether you are having a blue, green or yellow Monday, or feeling low on any day for that matter, you can turn to CALM for support via our helpline and webchat. Talking can be a way to cope with a problem you’ve been carrying around in your head for a while. And it works both ways. If you open-up, it might encourage others to do the same and seek the help they need.”

Passionate about campaigning for positive mental health, guitarist Max Helyer spoke to Young Minds, the UK charity fighting for children and young people’s mental health. He said:  “I find it incredibly important to talk about my mental health with my family and close friends. One thing I get from it is a new perspective and a way of thinking that maybe I hadn’t thought of myself. Exercise has been something that has really helped me over the past year. I’ve gone through quite a lot emotionally and found this gives me such a great release of endorphins and sets me up positively for the day.”

Follow #YOUMonday today to see what each member of You Me At Six is doing for YOUMonday. Fans can look forward to a vegan cooking lesson with Josh Franceschi, a local walk with Max Helyer, skating tips from Chris Miller, a sourdough baking 101 with Matt Barnes, circuit training with Dan Flint, and more. You Me At Six encourage fans and friends to share their own YOUMonday updates with the hashtag #YOUMonday.

YOUMonday follows the release of You Me At Six’s new album, ‘SUCKAPUNCH’ titled after a tumultuous period of emotional blows left the band getting to grips with new life scenarios. Channelling these experiences as a catalyst for reflection, empowerment and redemption, ‘SUCKAPUNCH’ is a soul-bearing, shape-shifting new album, and the sound of a band embracing change. Listen HERE.