The Magic Gang and 10 Questions with TotalNtertainment. With their new album ‘Death of The Party’ out on Friday and a live streaming event announced for 2nd September, We got the chance to have a chat with Gus about all things party and supernatural related.

1. Thanks for your time, how have the last few months been treating you ? 

No worries! You know what, it’s been okay you know. Since being able to go outside and hang out with my friends in the sunshine the summer hasn’t been all that bad.

2. Mysterious presences in your new video, where did the idea come from ? 

We came to Joe Wheatley (director) with the idea that it should be filmed in Jack’s house & that’s it should have an unsettling feeling to it but left it to Joe to come up with all the ideas from there.

3. Do you believe in ghosts and the supernatural? Have any of the band ever experienced anything in that area ? 
I reckon ghosts are probably real, there’s definitely unexplained energy floating about in some spaces. Once I woke up and saw a ghost but it was probably just sleep paralysis.

4. If you spent a night locked in a haunted house with an unknown enemy, who in the band do you think is the most likely to survive the night and who is the least likely ?

It being an unknown enemy makes this a difficult question to answer. But in a survival of the fittest I’d actually say maybe Paeris would be the one to come out alive and I’d probably be the one to get done in.

5. Okay onto the album then, “Death of a Party”, what are Magic Gang parties like? Any good stories you can tell us? 
It depends on the company, sometimes we’ll be the last ones up at the afters and sometimes we’re home by midnight.

6. If you could party with five people past or present, who do you think would give you the wildest night ? 
Jonathan Richman, Joni Mitchell, Stevie nicks, George Harrison & Liam Gallagher. I couldn’t call it between Liam & Stevie.

7. What about on tour? Do you party on tour or is it straight to bed after a show? 
Some tours we’ve done the partying every night thing but it really catches up with you when you stop, these days we pick our battles.

8. Who is the party animal in the band and what party tricks do you all have? 
We’re all capable of it, just depends on the night. Paeris can name 2000 digits of pi.

9. Just for fun: If your home was haunted during lockdown, what would the ghost have to do to really spook you? 
Is this like a ghost hunting magazine or something Ha. Pick something up.

10. Thanks for your time, given that the band have been in lockdown for six months, what kind of party do you have planned for your first gig back ?

Hopefully the show will be a bit more wild on the production front, looking forward to it.

The Death of The Party is out now across all DSPs. More info on the live streaming event here:

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