It’s normal to struggle to figure out how to make sense in all aspects of applying and auditioning at a music school. Each music school has a set of requirements indicated on the website.

With even the instructions being clear, it can be a daunting moment for the students that are not updated with the current trends in the application and auditioning process. Settling on one specific school will allow you to prioritize everything according to your criteria. Here is a list of 10 tips for applying and auditioning to music school.

Apply before the auditioning

When applying to a larger music school, you need to apply to both the music school and the university. And in this case, you must ensure that you have met all the deadlines to avoid getting your application ignored.

You also have to keep in mind that music schools accept students only for the fall start dates and others for both spring and fall semester start dates. Applying early before the auditioning and being accepted is legally binding.

Consider the school’s reputation

Now that you are dealing with many music schools, you have to consider their reputation to select the best school effectively. In this case, you will have to look for the school that offers most courses related to music. This shows the school’s steps to improve the delivery of their music courses. You have to consider a school with specific courses and not general courses.

Look for internship opportunities

Are there effective internship opportunities for the students to learn various music concepts? When applying to music school, you should select a school that organizes or supports internship opportunities for the students. The internship opportunities are vital to learning songwriting and other elements of the music industry. They give you the experience that any potential employer would like to see in your work life. That means that a school that can’t deliver this kind of experience is never worthy of your time.

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Get organized

Applying to a music school for auditions requires a lot of organization. You must keep in mind that you must be at the top of the game for the target audience to be impressed by your work. There are many repertoires for the screening and the live auditions, and sometimes the repertoire may overlap the pre-screening to live auditions or fail. 


Decide on the program

When applying for the music school auditions, you have to make sure that you know what kind of program you are applying for. The best thing about music auditions is that there are numerous options that you can major in. Deciding on the program you will use will help you determine whether you will apply for general studies or a liberal arts college. Most of the conservatories offer more opportunities to study specific instruments available in the school.

Check for the pre-screenings

Pre-screenings are a must when applying to music school as they are mostly like an “audition to audition.” They are mostly used to filter musicians who are at the level to the requirements of the auditions. As a student looking forward to being accepted, it’s your full responsibility to know the necessary criteria for the pre-screening processes. 

Use your time wisely

After coming up with a table of the things you want, you need to manage your time well to deal with everything on time. Here, you have to decide how to complete all these applications, record all the pre-screenings, prepare auditions, and get to the music school to sit for the SATs. Effective use of time is the first test of self-discipline when applying to music school. 

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Article, TotalNtertainment, Music, Music School, Top 10 Tips

Pre-visit the college

After applying to the music school, you need to visit the school beforehand. This will help you get a sense of the audition room and help you get comfortable with the surroundings. Getting comfortable is what gives you the courage to present your auditions effectively. Meeting a completely new set of instruments and structures can be terrifying during the audition process. 

Dress appropriately during the auditions

After you have been accepted to present your auditions to the panel, you need to select the best dress code tied to your presentation. Passing the paperwork doesn’t mean it will be automatic for the last process. Apart from making you feel comfortable, dressing properly sends a good image of who you are. Sometimes, it can set you apart from the rest of the applicants.

Consider who teaches the course

With a list of music schools to work with, you need to consider who teaches the course across the various schools. The best professionals to teach you about music should be the ones that have been in the field or part of it. You need to check the profiles of the different faculty members of the school to ascertain their music experience. 


Applying to music school is a lengthy process that requires a lot of preparation and keenness. If you want to get the best, you must also ensure that you put the best foot forward in the application process and the auditions. 

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