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Things to know before attending a Theatre Show

There are many international theatres that are worth visiting and enjoying.

Are you attending theatre for the first time? If yes, then you might be thrilled to do so. There are many international theatres that are worth visiting and enjoying. But whether you are going to a theatre for the first time or you have been doing so for years; there are some things to keep in mind. Thus, we have here to remind you about them. 

Let’s get started. 

  • Book Yourself a Comfortable Spot:

First things first; if you are attending an international theatre, like many people travel for music festivals; then you need to make sure that you have planned your accommodation. Meriton Suites is a highly recommended accommodation option. Suites definitely make the best bet as they are highly comfortable and provide you with all the basic necessities. Also, book days before arriving, so that you don’t have to face any issues regarding your stay. Last minute bookings are not a safe play at all. 

  • Be at Theatre on Time:

You have to be very punctual when attending a theatre. Be there on time or even a few minutes earlier. Theatres have a start time that cannot be moved due to the audience. If you arrive late, you will have to wait outside, until a break pops in and you are allowed inside. And that would be a huge loss because you might miss some of the most important key points of the play. 

Moreover, if the show is a one act play, then you will be missing it entirely. Thus, being on time is very important. This is why it is recommended that you get your accommodations done beforehand. When you are comfortable at a place, there are less chances of running late. 

  • Don’t make unnecessary Noise:

People who love theatre plays know how annoying it is when an individual makes noise. Voices that are coming from the play are enjoyable but if you are constantly whispering or munching on your snacks loudly; it can be a huge disturbance and annoyance for the audience. And you wouldn’t want that. Thus, be thoughtful about the noises you make. It is best to sit back and enjoy the play silently until and unless there is something very urgent. 

  • Dress nicely:

You are going to a theatre and you don’t want to look like a mess, do you? Theatre plays are an old school thing and the audience is usually all finely dressed. It showcases the elegance of taste of the audience. And you must be very picky about what you have to wear to the theatre. You can do a little research on some of the best outfits that will make you look delicate and finely dressed too. You don’t want to look a misfit now, do you? 

  • Don’t take pictures:

If you are planning to take your camera along to the theatre; we are sorry to pop your bubble but it is best that you don’t. It is illegal to film or take images inside the theatre and if you are carrying a camera; you might have to leave it outside the theatre with the management. Furthermore, you must not try capturing images or videos through your phone either. If you get caught; you might have to leave the theatre. It is best to stay there and enjoy the play, being in the moment. 

  • Turn your Phone Off:

This is obvious, isn’t it? But some people might not consider it. Do not talk on calls during the theatre as it will be distracting for the people sitting beside you. People who love plays, would never like this gesture and will be annoyed by you. It is best to keep your phone in your bag or just turn it off or put it on silent mode. 

  • Do not Indulge in the Action:

We understand your emotions might be simmering up when the play is in full swing or your favourite song comes up. But remember that theatres are very intimate, small places and you do not want to ruin the mood that has been set by the actors. Don’t sing along or hum to the music. It will be very distracting. This might sound weird but when you visit a theatre, you will realise how intimate the place is and every sound rings in it. Thus, you need to be careful with your actions. 


These are some of the many basics that one has to practice whilst visiting a theatre. They are often overlooked by many people and tend to cause problems for the people sitting beside you. Thus, try to control making unwanted noises and do not munch on your snacks loudly. Also don’t bring your baggage long. Always prepare for an accommodation beforehand and leave all your luggage there before visiting the theatre.