Edinburgh Festival Fringe has something for everyone but with so much to choose from, how can you narrow it down? Here are a few highlights in several categories to help you choose… Part 1 of our festival guide here. You can find Part Two here.

Part Three Here. Part Five of our quide to follow soon.

Michael Spicer: The Room Next Door

VENUE: Assembly George Square – Studio One 

TIME: 15:40 

DATES: 19th – 28th August 

Michael Spicer, online satirist extraordinaire, is bringing his acclaimed  video creations from screen to stage for the Edinburgh Fringe 2022 with  a limited run of Michael Spicer: The Room Next Door. Following a successful nationwide and sell-out tour and the publication  of his first book, The Secret Political Adviser: The Unredacted Files of the  Man in the Room Next Door, Michael Spicer’s The Room Next Door provides an entertaining insight into the global internet  sensation. During the one-hour show, Michael will talk about his life  making comedy under the radar, his viral hits of the past and of course,  brand new, exclusive Room Next Door sketches for Edinburgh Fringe  audiences. This is a unique opportunity to see Michael on stage for the  final series of live performances as the celebrated online phenomenon. 

Jessica Fostekew: Wench 

VENUE: Monkey Barrel 

TIME: 16.45pm 

DATES: 3rd to 28th August 2022 (not 15th

Following her Edinburgh Comedy Award Nominated Show Hench, Jessica Fostekew is returning to the Edinburgh Fringe with a brand new, and conveniently rhyming stand-up show – Wench. A new show about sex, luck and time. Our fear of all the messy, grey areas; whether that’s identity politics and society’s obsession with neatly categorizing everybody, or taking ‘messy, grey areas’ in another direction… Jessica’s refreshingly honest takes on sexuality, identity politics and aging are relayed with complete transparency. Unafraid to share her own experiences, sit back and enjoy an hour of utter relatability and complete hilarity in Jessica Fostekew: Wench.

Vir Das: Wanted  

VENUE: Pleasance Courtyard – Beneath 

TIME: 17:25 

DATES: 3rd to 28th August 2022 (not 15th) 

Fresh off an Emmy-nomination, India’s top comic Vir Das brings his brand  new Wanted world tour to Edinburgh – a show about freedom, a journey  into foolishness, and a perspective that takes you across the world. The  New York Times declares ‘no artist embodies the globalization of stand up like Vir Das’ while the Boston Globe hails the ‘mixture of audacity and  humility in Das’ comedy.’  As India’s biggest stand-up comedian and a Bollywood star, Vir Das  enjoys household status throughout the subcontinent. Increasingly,  thanks to Vir’s boundless comedic talent, wildly successful world tours  and incredible five Netflix specials, Vir Das has hit the global comedy  mega-leagues. Hailed by Variety magazine as a “Top 10 Comic To  Watch”, Vir Das is sure to be the name on everyone’s’ lips at the  Edinburgh Fringe Festival and beyond this year! 

Lou Sanders: One Word: Wow 

VENUE: Monkey Barrel 3 

TIME: 17:40 

DATES: 4th to 28th August 2022 (not 17th)  

Critically acclaimed stand-up Lou Sanders is returning to the Edinburgh  Fringe Festival 2022 after completing her biggest live tour to date with  brand-new show One Word: Wow.  If it isn’t your old internet friend, Dr Giggles, tour fresh and still yakking  away. Get ready and Lou will tell you about the time she gave a horse  a boner. She’ll bring her skates; you bring your wallet and you’ll all take  some piccies. Perhaps this show is the real vaccine? 

Britney: Friends And Nothing More

VENUE: Pleasance Courtyard, Below 

TIME: 5:45 

DATES: Aug 3-28 (not 15th

Award-winning duo and Edinburgh favourites Britney are returning to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2022 for the first time in five years with their brand-new hour Friends And Nothing More. Fresh from their universally adored BBC Three pilot, BRITNEY, which was a huge success when it debuted at the Fringe festival in 2016, Charly Clive and Ellen Robertson are getting ready to make their long-awaited return to the Fringe this year with a sketch show about love. But which of these two girls will you fancy more?

Heidi Regan Gives Birth Live on Stage Every Night or Your Money Back 

VENUE: The Voodoo Rooms 

TIME: 17:55pm 

DATES: 6th-28th August (not 20th or 21st

Heidi Regan will be bringing her highly anticipated show Heidi Regan  Gives Birth Live On Stage Every Night Or Your Money Back to the  Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2022. This brand-new hour is Heidi’s most personal yet. Having had very limited  experience in committed relationships, Heidi moved in with her girlfriend  and began looking into parenthood minutes before a global pandemic  kicked off. As things get serious, an increasingly hopeless Heidi tries to  support her NHS girlfriend via her usual tactics of telling very bad jokes and  making niche pop culture references that never land. It has mixed results.  Oozing personality and a unique perspective on life, all while maintaining  her extremely silly tone, this hour is one not to be missed! 

Nina Conti: The Dating Show  

VENUE: Pleasance Grand 

TIME: 6pm 

DATESs: 3rd–28th August (not 16th)  

Following a critically acclaimed tour and West End run, Nina Conti  returns to the Edinburgh Fringe 2022 with The Dating Show.  British Comedy Award winner Nina is finishing her highly critically  acclaimed UK tour of her new hour The Dating Show this June, and is  preparing to transfer to London’s West End this March. The quick-thinking  queen of ventriloquism brings you her pioneering, dating-infused live  show. There’s no promise that true love will be found, but a firm  guarantee that big laughs will be had in the reign of this ‘voice-throwing  queen’ (London Evening Standard). Nina started doing stand-up ventriloquism in 2002 and shot to fame by  winning the BBC New Comedy Award that same year. Famed for her  foul-mouthed ‘sidekick’ Monkey (Monk), Nina has won numerous  comedy awards for her writing, acting and ventriloquism.  

Tessa Coates: Get Your Tessa Coates You’ve Pulled  

Venue: Pleasance Courtyard, Beside 

Time: 18.05 

Dates: Aug 3-28 August 

After two sell-out Fringes, her own BBC Radio 4 special, and opening for Nish  Kumar on his latest tour, Tessa Coates is almost unconscious with excitement to  be back at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival with a brand-new stand-up hour. Get  Your Tessa Coates You’ve Pulled is a joyful celebration of life being back with a  vengeance. A smorgasbord of the weird and wonderful, Tessa will take you on a journey  across Faberge eggs, the Lascaux cave paintings, being offered ketamine out  of a woman’s scrunchie in the toilets at a party, a recent diagnosis for ADD  (not the H for Hyperactive, turns out, she’s very lazy), lying about liking opera  at a wedding, and how all her 30-something friends have started having  babies and don’t want to hang out any more.

Sindhu Vee: Alphabet 

VENUE: Pleasance Courtyard – Pleasance Beyond 

TIME: 18:30 

DATES: 18th – 28th August 

Fresh from a wildly successful UK live tour and a string of high-profile  telly appearances, Sindhu Vee is returning to the Edinburgh Fringe  Festival with her critically acclaimed show Alphabet. Alphabet is about the hair we want, the friends we have, and living  the vast difference between virus and viral. In her most honest and  revealing show to date, Sindhu presents a warm and intimate hour  where you can expect razor sharp, unapologetic stand-up from one  of comedy’s most engaging talents.

Sara Barron: Hard Feelings

VENUE: Pleasance Courtyard, Upstairs 

TIME: 19:15 

DATES: Aug 3-28 (Not 17th

Award-winning comedian and Edinburgh Best Newcomer nominee Sara Barron is returning to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2022 with her brand-new show Hard Feelings. Star of Live at the Apollo, Would I Lie to You, and Frankie Boyle’s New  World Order, Sara Barron returns with a blistering hour of stand-up on  smart sex, dumb kids, conception, rejection and wine-in-a-can. These  are the targets in a show that asks: where is the space for self preservation in the sentence “family is everything”?  There’s comedy in tragedy – and tragedy in midlife – and in Hard  Feelings, Sara tackles infertility, miscarriage, identity and self-image.  

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