Edinburgh Festival Fringe has something for everyone but with so much to choose from, how can you narrow it down? Here are a few highlights in several categories to help you choose… Part 1 of our festival guide here. You can find Part Two here.

Max Fosh: Zocial Butterfly


TIME: 14:15 

DATES: 3rd-29th AUGUST (not 15th

Armed with the rosiest of cheeks & the floppiest of hair, Max Fosh brings  you his hilarious & unpredictable debut live show: Zocial Butterfly.  With his ingenious, fast-paced, multimedia hour of comedy that details  the weird and wonderful world of a YouTuber, Max will provide a unique  insight into the world of online content from the perspective of one of its  biggest UK stars. They said he couldn’t make it as a global fashion icon; they were wrong.  They said he couldn’t legally become the world’s richest man; they were  wrong. They said he couldn’t beat all the odds to become London’s first  ever YouTuber mayor… to be fair, they got that one bang on. 

Amy Gledhill: The Girl Before The Girl You Marry  

VENUE: Monkey Barrel Comedy, (Carnivore 2) 

TIME: 15.30  

DATES: Aug 4-28 August (not 17) 

Amy Gledhill, one half of “cult hit” (The Guardian) favourites and  Edinburgh Comedy Awards Best Show nominated duo The Delightful  Sausage, will be making her solo Edinburgh Fringe debut with Amy  Gledhill: The Girl Before The Girl You Marry The Girl Before The Girl You Marry is a good-time stand-up show about  resilience and dancing – two of the best things. Expect tales of ballroom  triumphs, New Year’s Eve mishaps and (accidentally) flashing royalty.  You’ll soon see why Amy is every man’s best (ex) girlfriend.  

Rosie Holt: The Woman’s Hour

VENUE: Pleasance Courtyard, The Attic 

TIME: 18:00 

DATES: 3rd to 29th August 2022 (not 16th

Swallow your post/mid-work curries and slide your briefcase of booze past  security, as social media sensation and Chortle Award winner Rosie Holt is  launching her debut solo hour of cutting political satire at the Edinburgh  Fringe 2022. Rosie Holt: The Woman’s Hour is a character comedy show  bringing Holt’s viral satirical videos to delighted live audiences.  There’s a right-wing ‘opinionist’ distorting the news, an MP desperately  defending a failing government, a left-winger wanting to say the right  thing but scared of getting it wrong. These characters and more come  together when their creator accidentally becomes the news, as they try  to speak their truth whatever the facts. ‘If she can stay in character long  enough, she’ll have a Telegraph column and a seat on Question Time by  teatime’ (James O’Brien).

Lew Fitz: Soft Lad

VENUE: Gilded Balloon Teviot, Turret 

TIME: 19:00 

DATES: 3rd to 29th August 2022 (not 15th

Winner of prestigious Amused Moose National New Comic Award and  BBC New Comedy Award-nominee Lew Fitz is launching his much  anticipated debut solo hour: Soft Lad, at this year’s Edinburgh Fringe.  Soft Lad is a bold and disarmingly honest show about running away  from family, swapping Manchester for Miami, and what happens when  you have to come back. Lew is not only an award-winning stand up, but has also scored in the  Top 5 Jokes of the Fringe across The Guardian, Dave TV and The  Telegraph. Expect explosive comedic energy and a rare vulnerability,  as this Northern cherub attempts to reconcile his past and face his  present.  

Patrick McPherson: Colossal  

VENUE: Belly Button, Underbelly 

TIME: 12:45pm 

DATES: 3rd-29th August (not 15th

Patrick McPherson is returning to the festival a highly anticipated  theatrical treat. Colossal is an hour of dynamic theatre, comedy and  music that embraces the spectrum of modern romance, from the first  date to the last text, from falling headfirst to falling apart. In his one man comedy play that dives into love stories, morality, and the dance  between the two, Patrick weaves sketch comedy, gig theatre and  spoken word to tell the comedic and candid story of a man called  Dan, his affinity for owls, and his messy recent past. Patrick McPherson is an upcoming writer-performer and Edinburgh  Fringe success story, who has seen a swift rise through the British  comedy and fringe theatre ranks, following his back-to-back sold-out  shows. As a queer writer, Patrick looks to explore and champion LGBT  voices and narratives through his writing.

The Delightful Sausage: Nowt But Sea

VENUE: Monkey Barrel Comedy (MB4), 9-11 Blair St, Edinburgh 

TIME: 12:45pm 

DATES: 5th to 28th August 2022 (not 17th)  

Vegetarian? Lincolnshire? Caramelised Onion? Whatever the flavour,  all are welcome to join comedy duo The Delightful Sausage in their  brand-new show Nowt But Sea. Shortlisted for the biggest prize in live comedy, these Edinburgh  Comedy Award nominees return with their darkest ever adventure…  When The Delightful Sausage are invited to the luxury private island  retreat of elite celebrity agent Cedric L’Shay (played by viral sketch  sensation Paul Dunphy), Amy and Christopher-Louise can’t believe  their luck. But with the island seemingly deserted and madness on the  horizon, the situation looks increasingly dire for Yorkshire’s finest meat themed comedy duo.

Jacob Hawley: Bump  

VENUE: Monkey Barrel, Hive 1 

TIME: 13:25 

DATES: 3 -28 August (not 9th

Jacob Hawley will be bringing his highly anticipated brand-new  show Bump, a deeply personal and hilarious account about  miscarriage, mental health and social class, to the Edinburgh Fringe  Festival this year.  Men will literally do a 55-minute show about identity, social class and drinking olive oil instead of going to therapy. Award-winning wide boy  Jacob Hawley considers whether ample mental health is an exclusively  middle-class pursuit, if he’s finally graduated from drugs to antipasti,  and, all considered, if he’s ready to be a father. 

Sunil Patel: Faster Horses  

VENUE: Monkey Barrel 1 

TIME: 13:55pm 

DATES: 3rd-28th August 

Award-winning comedian and comedy entrepreneur/raconteur, Sunil  Patel will be returning to the Fringe with his highly anticipated show  Faster Horses.  Giving the people what they (really) want, Sunil is galloping into the  fringe this year on the fastest of horses, crafting smart gags and  exuding a powerful, unspoken presence akin to a benevolent  billionaire. He’ll be ruminating on crypto bros, his own past failed  enterprises and pitching some of the 100s of business ideas he came  up with during lockdown. Join him for what will certainly be his most critically acclaimed hour yet. Your  statutory rights may or may not be affected by watching this show. 

Circus Abyssinia: Tulu

VENUE: Underbelly’s Meadows Circus Hub 

TIME: 14:15 

DATES: 6th-27th August (not 15th or 22nd

A dazzling display of speed, skill and flight lands at the  Edinburgh Fringe this year. Following their acclaimed  production of Ethiopian Dreams, the incredible 15-strong Circus  Abyssinia returns with their exhilarating second production TuluCelebrating the true tale of an Ethiopian Olympic icon, Derartu  Tulu, this is an unmissable showcase of superhuman strength. A  blend of breath taking contortion, awe-inspiring acrobatics,  and mesmerising fire-juggling with a rocking, exuberant soundtrack.

Catherine Bohart: This Isn’t For You

VENUE: Monkey Barrel 1 

TIME: 15:20 

DATES: 4th – 28th August (Not 16th

Catherine Bohart is returning to the Edinburgh Fringe 2022 with her third  solo hour, following her hugely successful UK and Ireland tour, with her  

critically acclaimed show This Isn’t For You. Catherine Bohart loves control, hates change and is a serial planner. So  imagine, if you will, how the past two years have been. This Isn’t For You contains all this and more, in a blisteringly funny show that regales  audiences with Catherine’s mental health rollercoaster ride through  lockdown, glimmers with her gutsy resilience and is speckled with  horrendous and completely hilarious life advice. Delivered with  unbridled honesty, this oversharer marries cheery nihilism and reluctant  self-discovery, into “a show that’s worth holding on to” – The Guardian. 

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