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Gary Numan is a God! Ok not quite, but he should be. 40 years of being in the music business and you cannot tell one bit. This is the third time seeing him and it is always incredible! Full of energy, impressive dance moves and of course his distinctive voice, Numan is in his element performing to a sold out venue full of hardcore and fresh fans of all ages. It’s nice to see such a broad range of people, it truly shows that Mr Numan is one of those people you just have to see.

For the set list Numan picked some of the favorites having posted about trying to choose a set number of tracks from 40 years of music making. It was always going to be no easy task and that’s before trying to remember them all which is another matter altogether. That being said, from what we witnessed tonight he’s got nothing to worry about. Numan has always been somewhat unique From being one of the founders of the synth pop sound and then evolving into industrial rock with the synth splashed into his work and, listening to him tonight, you can see why the the music he has produced has influenced so many of the bands today.

Of course Numan will constantly evolve and who knows what will happen in the next few years? Before you ask…YES he did play Cars along with many many gems like My name is Ruin, Metal, The Promise, Here in the Black and, of course, the one that launched his career Are Friends Electric.

There are still a few dates left on this tour so, if you are still able to grab a ticket, make sure you do!

Gary Numan was supported on tour by Kanga who, before tonight, 99% of us probably had no idea who she was! Just one artist armed with hypnotic beats, dark strobes and the dance of expression Kanga knows how to put on a show! She is the kind of artist that’ll either grow on you or not, there will be no middle ground. She’s fresh, different, mixes a combination of genres to create something that could possibly be the next bold move into the dark synth, industrial, electronica genres. Despite only having two albums and relying on Paetron and Band Camp donations, you really hope this becomes a success story. 

The perfect support for Gary Numan, as his hardcore fans will recall, back in the day Numan’s work was also a new genre but, over the years, the world has evolved so, like a fine wine, Kanga will surely evolve into something truly majestic. If you like Ladytron, Goldfrapp and Nine inch nails, she should be on your list of people to see. 


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