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KT Tunstall makes Tuesday rock like it’s Friday night in Leeds

Photo Copyright © Jo Forrest 

You always know what you’re going to get from a KT Tunstall show and that’s a rocking good night so, it comes as no surprise when she delivers exactly that at the O2 Academy in Leeds as part of her latest UK tour, a tour which is taking her the length and breadth of this island. In no mood for a quiet Tuesday night in Leeds, Tunstall takes to the stages, along with her band, cranks her amps right the way up with only one thing on her mind.

“Are you ready to make this Tuesday night feel like a Friday night” she asks and, from that point on, there is no chance of this being a quiet night. Supporting her “Wax” album, the Scottish singer-songwriter is in a jovial mood as she chats with the crowd between songs but, as soon as the banter finishes and the guitars kick in, Tunstall wastes no time getting down to business. From getting the crowd to light up the Academy with their mobile phones to a set list which mixes old with new, Tunstall even finds time to throw in a Belinda Carlisle cover giving this evening’s proceedings the feel of a proper rock show.

Encoring time sees her rattle through a few more songs including “Suddenly I See” with Leeds given one last chance to make sure that, if they weren’t aware already, any locals in the vicinity were well aware of who was in town.