You could pretty much borrow the words of one Robbie Williams “Let me entertain you…” when thinking of a way to byline this tour. For almost two hours that is precisely what one of Britain’s most iconic popstars, Matt Goss, did at the York Barbican.

Excitedly, fans piled into this famous venue, as the latest date of Matt’s ‘The Matt Goss Experience With Mg Big Band And Royal Philharmonic’ Tour glided into York with the singer fully in the party mood as he took to the stage just after 8pm.

For almost 90 mins the “Matt Goss Experience” had it all. It had the songs, it had the stories, and it even had groups of hardcore fans up and out of their seats dancing along within minutes of the show starting. That being said, when you have a host like Matt Goss, there is no excuse for this not to be one massive party.

The highlight of the night for every fan is surely the many moments during the set where Matt, armed with a particularly expensive bottle of Tequila, heads into the crowd to pick out fans to share a shot with him. For the fans Matt picked out, the initial embarrassment of being lit up, soon disappeared once the first of a couple of generous shots slipped down and they were left with memories they would cherish long after leaving the Barbican.

As for the songs, there was a mix of Las Vegas show-style songs, covers, his own hits, and, of course, one or two numbers from a certain boyband which kickstarted his career. Goss broke up the songs with tales of his extraordinary life. During one particularly emotional story about his Grandad, you could almost hear a pin drop across the room.

Looking across the room as Matt took another walkabout, there were fans young and old, parents with their children, older fans, and couples, all here for a night of entertainment with one of pop’s biggest stars and, even if you were dragged along reluctantly, it’s hard to walk away from “The Matt Goss Experience” denying that you’d had a thoroughly entertaining evening.

Photo Copyright © Jo Forrest

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