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Gus Dapperton reunites with singer BENEE

Gus Dapperton reunites with singer BENEE on his addictive new single ‘Don’t Let Me Down’

Alt-pop artist Gus Dapperton reunites with singer BENEE on his addictive new single ‘Don’t Let Me Down’ following a surprise Coachella performance during her set last Friday. Out now via Warner Records, the track is the latest to preview his hotly anticipated major label debut album ‘HENGE’ which will be released on July 7th.


Danceable yet laced with melancholy, ‘Don’t Let Me Down’ is Gus and BENEE’s first collaboration since BENEE’s 2020 US Platinum-certified mega-hit ‘Supalonely’ which has amassed more than a billion streams and marked Gus’ first entry on Billboard’s Hot 100.

Gus Dapperton’s evolution is staggering as he officially enters a new era. ‘Don’t Let Me Down’ offers a closer look into the world-building concept of the forthcoming ‘HENGE’ album. He earnestly sings over a potent groove and guitar flourishes before BENEE joins him for the infectious chorus. Like ‘Supalonely’, ‘Don’t Let Me Down’ is an irresistible earworm.

Gus says, “I’ve been a huge fan of BENEE ever since our collaboration on ‘Supalonely’. She’s an incredible writer and has a beautiful voice. This beat came quickly when I was filling in the blanks with all the moods I wanted to convey on this project. I immediately thought of her voice. She sent me back an entire vocal take within a day or two and I thought it was perfect. This song is a cry for help and a final yearning of two forces being pulled apart.”

The accompanying video for the song is just as captivating. In the visual, both artists’ penchant for eccentric fashion and memorable moments are on full display as they mix modern expression and vintage aesthetics through 1930s-flapper-era-inspired outfits in a candlelit house.

Gus adds, “I’ve been really interested in exploring dancing for this project. I myself am not an amazing dancer but I think it’s important to own the way that your body moves, and how it may add to the visual form of the music. I was so happy when BENEE said she was down to dance as well. This video highlights a lonely lounge singer wasting their days away. When she meets another lost soul they find comfort in each other for just a brief moment. This is a subtle continuation of the story initiated in the ‘Horizons’ video.”

‘Don’t Let Me Down’ arrives on the heels of Gus’ previously released ‘Horizons’, a new wave-channelling pop anthem, and ‘Wet Cement’, which finds him at his most introspective and soulful. Both songs feature on the artist-producer’s hotly anticipated ‘HENGE’ album