Review & photo Copyright © Graham Finney

There seems to be something of a resurgence of pop acts returning from the 80’s and 90’s what with pop vixens Bananarama currently playing to packed theatres across the UK and now ’90s favourites Steps heading out on the first run of arena dates as part of their “Party To The Dancefloor” tour.

A hugely excitable crowd at Leeds First Direct Arena are on their feet from the moment the quintet rise up out of the stage floor and, surrounded by masked dancers, launch into the first of many high-energy routines. Known for their covers, the pop stars belt out “Chain Reaction” early on in the set while their rendition of “Tragedy” has this Yorkshire crowd bouncing in the aisles.

As parties go, the Steps’ live experience is one that pretty much serves up everything the average pop fan, whatever the age, could wish for. The songs, drenched in pop cheese, get everybody singing and dancing and the whole thing is wrapped up in an abundance of pyrotechnics, glamorous costumes and choreographed dance routines. Love them or loathe them, it’s hard to deny that acts like Steps are a breath of fresh air amongst the current crop of throwaway pop acts.

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