From child busking sensation to schoolboy success and on to the bright dawn of adulthood, Manchester’s sensational singing and songwriting phenomenon, Alex Spencer continues to live out his growth in full view of his fans as he releases his latest single, Do What I Wanna – OUT NOW on Modern Sky UK. Singing out ‘here’s to the rise of the young’ on the latest, even more confident release from the 16-year-old artist, the future Spencer wants is mapped out against a jumping, hot indie soundtrack full of bluesy riffs and piano-backed beats.

Signing off on his school days at the same time as releasing his last single, One Way Ticket, earlier this summer, Spencer’s sense of untameable adventure has seen him quickly jet off into the inner reaches of Italy to officially kick start his first months of new found freedom. That intrepid journey didn’t get underway until he’d played a raucous, intimate SOLD OUT show at Manchester’s 33 Oldham Street, a stepping stone on the route to Spencer’s exciting live plans for the rest of 2023.

Looking ahead and building on the word-of-mouth buzz that’s helped him rise to contender status in such a short period of time, he will play his home city’s ornate Deaf Institute venue on Fri 24 November 2023 with the last remaining tickets available at

With Do What I Wanna further heating up anticipation around the young artist’s ascension to event bigger stages, the incendiary song is result of his studio sessions with artist, songwriter and producer, Adam French. Adding another fist-in-the-air anthem to the high-energy live set, the single sees Spencer in observational mood. Not content to sing about love or living for the weekend, he looks wider, sees the world turning on a bent axis and makes the case for change.

Alex explains: “Do what I wanna is almost a protest song, about how a new generation is slowly waking up to see the obvious inequality and corruption in this world. Big corporations to governments are taking advantage of us for their own greed. I’m hoping we’re gonna stand up and not let them take advantage of us anymore.”

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