Brazilian global pop superstar Anitta has teamed up with Pedro Sampaio, Dadju, Nicky Jam and MC Pedrinho on “Dançarina Remix”- out now. Listen here.

The track is a rework of the hit single from Sampaio’s first studio album. The track’s lyrics include never-before-heard verses in Spanish and French. “Dançarina Remix” maintains the party vibe and sensuality of the original, but offers a fresh new international edge. A special music video for the single is also set to be released in the coming weeks.

Sampaio’s new remix, which once again features MC Pedrinho, is reworked with a beat that mixes vocals and rhythms from Anitta, Nicky Jam and Dadju – some of the biggest names in Brazilian, Latin and French music today.

Anitta, who was mentioned by name in the original version “Dançarina” (which also samples her song “Menina Má” (“Bad Girl”), now provides vocals throughout the entire track. “I was really pleased with the shoutout when the original came out, and it was nice to see how big of a hit it turned out to be. So, of course I couldn’t turn down the chance to be part of this remix with Pedro Sampaio and so many other artists that I absolutely adore”, Anitta shared.

In the “Dançarina” remix, the Brazilian singer turns the hook “doida pra sentar” (which loosely translates to “desperate to drop it low”) into “loca pa’ bailar” (“desperate to dance”). Anitta’s famous dance step, which went viral on social media, is also given a tip of the hat with “Todas las chicas bailando hasta bajo haciendo el paso de Anitta” (“All the girls gettin’ low with that Anitta step”).

The “Dançarina Remix” comes on the heels of Anitta’s highly anticipated new album Versions of Me, out now. Listen HERE.

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