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Segiri releases new single ‘Silence Speaks’

‘Silence Speaks’ finds Segiri’s show-stopping voice surging with grace, potency and control

Segiri released her previous single ‘Undone’ which pushed the rising dance-pop artist to the next level, earning her KISS FM airtime from the influential TCTS alongside extensive radio play in Germany while also racing up the Swiss dance chart. Capitalising upon that growing attention, Segiri now shares her brand new single ‘Silence Speaks’. Listen HERE.

‘Silence Speaks’ finds Segiri’s show-stopping voice surging with grace, potency and control – a standout ability that reflects her admiration of great empowered pop artists and full-force personalities such as Lady Gaga, Halsey and P!nk. It’s the dominant force in a compelling bombastic pop production which deploys hefty beats and furious, fuzzy bass within a colossal range of loud-and-quiet dynamics. 

Segiri says, “Silence Speaks brings silence to life and gives it form and personality. We’ve all been there, I think, unable or unwilling to communicate. You can feel lonely despite being with someone. Harsh words can hurt but sometimes silence can be more destructive. Saying nothing can say everything. And it can hurt.”

It was great working with Darion Leigh on the music video. The idea was to take silence – the very absence of sound and something that conjures up images of emptiness and make it into a force of itself.”

‘Silence Speaks’ was produced by the hitmakers Banx & Ranx. The duo are best known for their Platinum-certified Top 5 UK hit ‘Answerphone’, which features Ella Eyre and Yxng Bane. Their credits as producers, writers and remixers include leading names such as Dua Lipa, David Guetta, Sia and Stefflon Don.