London based Antigoni has shared her latest single Nervous, out now. Listen HERE.

Antigoni’s latest single, ‘Nervous,’ sets the mood for a passionate summer with its seductive beat and notorious middle eastern soundscapes, seamlessly blending Antigoni’s sensual melodies and vocal arrangements with the production genius of Seikbeats. The track, which was co-written alongside Connor Mullally and Amira El-Shafie, explores the vulnerability and excitement that comes with connecting with someone who has caught your eye.

“I consider myself a confident person, and I never really get nervous speaking to someone I think is attractive,” says Antigoni. “But I was talking to this guy at a bar and actually felt nervous for once; I didn’t know what to say! That was the moment that inspired the song.” 

‘Nervous’ is a record that showcases Antigoni’s incredible vocals, as well as her ability to create a sound that is both contemporary and timeless. The interplay between her vocals and the atmospheric production creates a palpable tension that perfectly captures the essence of the song’s theme.

“I think people are going to relate to this song because everyone has been in a situation where they’ve felt nervous around someone they find attractive,” said Antigoni. “It’s something that’s universal, and I wanted to capture that feeling in a way that was both flirtatious and vulnerable.” 

Antigoni’s style is unique, inspired by her Greek Cypriot heritage and growing up in London. The track showcases her musical bilingual prowess, both as a singer and a songwriter. Her background, alongside Connor and Amira’s contributions, lend the song a raw and emotional edge, allowing it to have a universal appeal.

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