Newcomer Dalia shares her cinematic new single “Pink Clouds,” which doubles as an ode to living in the moment, even if it’s a bittersweet embrace.

Give Pink Clouds a listen;

Speaking about the song in further detail, Dalia explains “Pink Clouds speaks about a chapter in my life where I resorted to various methods of escapism to shield myself from reality. I was dealing with my own self-destructive habits and tendencies because I was unwilling to confront many situations that were going on in my life. So I desperately searched for temporary relief to silence the chaos in my mind & I was fully aware of the harm I was causing myself, yet I simply didn’t care. With this song I hope to capture the bittersweet embrace of an escape that offers comfort amidst the pain.”

Launching only this year with only her second eve song, it’s say there’s plenty more to  come this year. Today’s release is a perfect companion to her districtive debut single “Nothing But Pain” which shares a lot of the same rawness to storytelling all in tow to her brilliant, tender vocal delivery.

Dalia is a rising pop artist, born in rural Spain, and is now based in London. Dalia pursued her passion for music and honed her skills at the LIPA School of Performance Arts in Liverpool, alongside classmates Holly Humberstone.  She draws inspiration from the likes of other songwriters who sing from the heart such as Billie Eilish, Gracie Abrams, and Lana Del Rey. This year will be Dalia’s first year of releasing music and promises to offer listeners a fresh, distinctive sound that blends pop, alternative, and indie influences; her songwriting skills blend raw emotion with clever wordplay and catchy hooks.

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