LA indie-pop quartet Atta Boy return with new single “Boys,” out everywhere now, alongside a DIY lyric video. The guitar-driven, sweet ode to friendship is just the first taste of what’s to come from the four-piece.

Atta Boy began as a high school band, and after their first year in college, the group made a whimsical project in the summer of 2012 that became their debut album, Out of Sorts. Eden Brolin (vocals) Dashel Thompson (piano) Freddy Reish (guitar) and Lewis Pullman (drums) didn’t expect anyone outside of their friends and family to hear it, but to their surprise, it captured listeners in over 70 countries. Eight years later, after pursuing individual endeavors, the band reunited to release their follow-up LP, Big Heart Manners, which caught the attention of several leading tastemakers like American SongwriterAtwood Magazine and The FADER. Now, in 2022, with millions of streams on Spotify and a captivated audience of over 226,750 monthly listeners, Atta Boy are back to capture the intricacies of not only life’s highs and lows, but the smaller, in between, seemingly trivial moments that make one feel most alive.

“Boys,” the band’s first release of 2022, was born from a vulnerable conversation between the bandmates that proved to lay the foundation for their writing and recording process. Taking turns sharing their goals, passions, hopes and fears, the track ultimately embodies the group’s deep-rooted, longtime friendship and serves as a reminder that amidst chaos and uncertainty, they have each other. Speaking to the track’s instrumentals, Reish explains, “The guitar part for “Boys” was written in fall of 2021 and was one of many voice memos I’ve sent to the band. I had been messing around with a lot of open tunings and this riff really resonated with the band.” As for the track’s subject matter, Reish continues, “It’s truly a snapshot of our friendships with each other and our commitment to growing up together as a band and friends. All of us traversing new milestones and hurdles knowing that in the end we always have each other to lean on.”

The accompanying lyric video, made by the band’s own Pullman, features handwritten lyrics dotted with doodles surrounding the lettering that matches the track’s beat.

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