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‘Baked Beans’ the new release from George Moir

“A purveyor of whimsical, lovelorn bedroom pop…with results that are deeply ensnaring.” – The Sunday Times

George Moir has shared the zany new music video for ‘Baked Beans’

The track features on his new EP ‘Guide To Growing’ out now via Infectious Music – stream here. Along with the video, he has announced a headline show at London’s Omeara for 19th October. Tickets here.

The visuals for ‘Baked Beans’ see George and his friends transported into a model universe, kitted out in beekeeper uniforms accompanied by their sidekick toy mouse. Heartwarming and humorous, they band together to craft a spaceship out of old junk material scattered around a miniature house.

George describes the Baked Beans video as his most ambitious work he’s ever created, saying: “I wanted the video to capture the feeling of the location that the song is about – the first place I moved to when I left home. So I found the floorplans online and scaled them down to 10%, I got my family to make a miniature model set, and they sent it over for me to film! I felt like I was walking into my old room as I was shooting it, I had a lot more fun with the small version compared to the real life one though – I’m sad to say there were no spaceships in the original house. The whole thing was ridiculously complicated to make and film, but it was just so fun seeing it all come together.”

Simultaneously humble, magnificently charming, and painstakingly relatable laced with satirical humour –  the sonic segments of George Moir’s creative world are instilled with natural determination and ambition drawn from a unique upbringing, which included being one of eight homeschooled siblings, raised by a collage artist mother and honey farmer father.  This fruitful environment encouraged his artistic side, going on to work as animator for a therapist, whilst spending hundreds of hours animating his own music videos which he still does to this day.

About his new EP George says: “‘Guide to Growing’ ended up being about loads of stuff: relationships, mental health, ambition, poverty, work, stress, and more. They’re things I think so many of us run into, particularly as you step out into the world on your own as a young adult. There’s so much still to learn and experience, and I wanted to capture what it’s like to bump into this stuff when you don’t really know how to tackle it.

This EP chronicles a collection of difficult experiences in my own life. It’s by no means a one-size-fits-all guide to living, but I wanted to communicate how helpful it can be to have a sense of humour about adversity. Finding that spark of joy, however bleak the situation feels, can really turn things around, and give you just enough hope to push through and (even if only vaguely) enjoy learning from hard stuff as you go. I won’t pretend I’m always happy, but actively looking for positive and uplifting things going on amongst the rubbish has definitely helped me through a few tough spots.”

Selling out within days after being announced on limited-edition vinyl, ‘Guide To Growing’ is fruitful with homegrown lo-fi indie gems that are insatiably moreish and good for the gut; providing the perfect pragmatic antidote to modern day doom and gloom. The kooky ‘Baked Beans’ celebrates the underdog and potently showcases George’s lyrical mastery, while the rose-tinted ‘Big Boy Cruising’ sees him tricycling through Postman Pat land filled with childlike optimism and ambition (one of the many cartoons that inspires his visual world) . ‘Flowers’ injects vivid hip-hop beats and kitschy synths into a lovelorn admission, and the sugary indie power pop jam ‘Empty’ is a wistful bop, culminating in the stripped back and silky smooth dream pop ode ‘Sickly’.

All in all, ‘Guide To Growing’ sees George Moir blossom freely into a bonafide creative visionary, proving that he is quickly paving the way to becoming one of Britain’s most intriguing and hardworking artists. He can (and will) do it all, and there’s nothing standing in his way.