Renowned British folk musician Beans on Toast has released his provocative new single “AI” listen here. This release precedes his much-anticipated album, ‘The Toothpaste and The Tube’, set to be unveiled on December 1st.

An artist recognised for both his relentless touring schedule and his ability to tackle significant subjects with warmth, charm, and humour, Beans on Toast continues his legacy with a song that delves deep into the ramifications of the AI revolution on human society.

In “AI”, Beans on Toast pulls back the curtain to reveal a world drastically changed by artificial intelligence. From a society where adverts are crafted by AI systems to a reality where heartfelt eulogies can be generated with the click of a button, the song takes listeners on a journey through a rapidly evolving landscape shaped by technology. Drawing parallels to monumental discoveries such as fire and electricity, the song poignantly suggests we are on the cusp of the next significant leap in evolution — a moment where “what comes next is impossible to predict.”

A mesmerising AI-generated video accompanying the single visually explores mankind’s obsession with technology. It touches upon the great minds of artists such as Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, and Frida Kahlo, and underscores the expansive intelligence gap — akin to the one between humans and frogs — metaphorically represented by a robot frog to signify the advent of AI and the monumental leap it represents in our evolutionary journey.

The singalong chorus, “AI, AI, everywhere we go, AI, AI, it’s the new status quo,” generated through AI, becomes a catchy beacon that encapsulates the omnipresence and inevitable integration of artificial intelligence into every facet of daily life, from our homes to our phones, underlining the reality that we are “never alone.”

Beans on Toast offers a balanced view on the phenomenon, neither blindly championing nor entirely dismissing it, yet urging listeners to acknowledge the seismic shift that is underway. It is a sober reflection on the pervasive reach of AI, a phenomenon still not fully understood even by its creators, heralding a future that is both terrifying and exciting.

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