Acclaimed producer, DJ, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist Roosevelt (the stage name of Marius Lauber) has released Embrace, his revelatory new album and debut LP for Counter Records/Ninja Tune. Entirely written and recorded by Roosevelt himself, Embrace is a deeply personal creative statement that cements Lauber’s status as one of the world’s most inventive songwriters, producers and electronic talents working today.

Stream Embrace HERE

The follow up to 2019’s celebrated LP Polydans, Embrace crackles with buoyant energy and effortless funk. Conceived during a time of personal reflection, the album features contemplative lyrics and emotive instrumentals unlike anything heard on past Roosevelt releases. Crafted using improvised recording setups in cities around the world, Lauber has created an album that sounds equally intimate and expansive, with euphoric dance floor anthems mingling with love-lorn ballads over 10 unique tracks. The album’s title stems from Lauber’s realisation that upon turning 30, many of his childhood friends had settled for “real jobs” while he was still on the road living an artist’s lifestyle – the title “Embrace” functions as a note to the artist himself, a reminder to accept the unpredictable twists and turns that life has in store, or, as he puts it: “trying to be humble and remind myself that the 18-year-old me would be psyched with where I am right now”.

Previously released singles “Ordinary Love”, “Luna”, “Rising”, “Paralyzed”, and “Forevermore” showcase Lauber’s versatility as both a producer and vocalist. Lead single “Ordinary Love” fuses together a nearly symphonic number of musical parts to create a track that is somehow both soothing and irresistibly danceable, while the euphoric “Rising” illustrates Lauber’s comfort working in the electronic space and will surely be a highlight of Roosevelt’s upcoming headlining US tour. Additional tracks like the down-tempo ballad “Lake Shore” and the effortlessly groovy “Realize” demonstrate the strength of Lauber’s trademark silky smooth vocals, and grand album closer “Alive” required weeks of revisions to match the epic sound Lauber envisioned. Equally indebted to the disco pioneers of the past in addition to today’s electronic innovators, Embrace is the true embodiment of Roosevelt’s wide-ranging talents, and plants him firmly amongst the great young musical talents of our time.

Stream album focus track “Alive” HERE

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