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Beau Diako releases new single ‘Nylon’

Beau Diako gets 2022 off to bang as he shares his brand new single ‘Nylon’

After joining forces with major talents Bas and Etta Bond on his latest track ‘Fretless’, Beau Diako gets 2022 off to bang as he shares his brand new single ‘Nylon’, which features Tobi Tunis. The single is the title track from his eagerly anticipated debut album, also titled ‘Nylon’, that will follow on April 1st. Listen HERE.

The ‘Nylon’ single finds Beau Diako employing some esoteric sonic touches to give the track’s core R&B sound an off-kilter edge. With understated island beats and a Latin-tinged edge courtesy of his airy, nylon guitars, the song feels both summery and moodily introspective. Tobi Tunis provides the magic bonus ingredient as his dreamy, hypnotic topline gives the song the atmosphere of an escape from the January gloom.

Beau Diako says, “It’s always an honour and pleasure to team up with my talented friend Tobi Tunis. He has the most amazing smooth voice and always writes the most beautiful melodies that I could never get tired of hearing. 

‘Nylon’ was one of the first tracks I made after getting a really cheap nylon string guitar to experiment with. This dark and moody but dancey idea came out and all the layers and instruments seemed to just fall into place around it. The song gives me the image of being lost and deep in thought on a lonely beach somewhere late at night.”

Tobi Tunis adds, “Once again Beau decided to grace me with another of his musical gemstones. It’s weird because I had recently become addicted to reggaeton beats when he sent me this track out of the blue. I listened to it, lost my shit, skipped breakfast and went straight to the studio where I spent the week writing and recording vocals for it. Definitely got a bit hungry in there, but I kept feeding off all the coconut energy flowing out of the track.”

Beau Diako and Tobi Tunis previously collaborated together on ‘Cute’, a track from the 2019 EP ‘Flutter’. Tobi Tunis was a founder member of the Australian indie/electro-pop band Tora.