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Bluebelle is coming to The Lowry

Bluebelle, developed in collaboration with deaf and  Visual Vernacular artists, comes to The Lowry this February.

Theatre Re’s folktale-inspired production Bluebelle, developed in collaboration with deaf and  Visual Vernacular artists, comes to The Lowry this February. This atmospheric and visually  striking show tells a brand new folk story, weaving together plots from tales by Angela Carter,  Italo Calvino, the Brothers Grimm and Charles Perrault.  

The non-verbal production features live music and sound to reinforce the atmosphere  and emotional journey of the characters. All sounds are created on stage by the performers  using sound effects and non-lyrical singing voices. Theatre Re have worked with Visual  Vernacular artists, who use this unique physical theatre technique incorporating poetry and  mime, to challenge their practice and support their powerful visual storytelling. Through its  physical and aesthetic style, Bluebelle is accessible to d/Deaf audiences without the need for BSL  interpretation. 

Long ago and far away, a king and queen are placed under a spell that affects their fertility.  Summoning the Bluebell Fairy, they hope to become parents but magic comes at a cost.  Bluebelle explores being a parent, new life and how to protect it. As well as drawing from old  folktales, Theatre Re gathered interviews with parents and carers to form this moving journey  into the wilderness of parenthood. 

Director Guillaume Pigé comments, It is said that every theatre has ghosts. It is often believed  that these theatre ghosts are former actors and that ghost lights – lamps left on stage – allow  these spirits to perform and dance. What do they perform? What stories are they enacting over  and over, for whom and why? Our exploration started with the question: why theatre? Over  three years, our journey took us from corporeal mime to clown work, from imaginative transformation to visual vernacular, from rich musical textures to sound design, from philosophy  to silliness, and from real life experiences to ancient folktales. The result is Bluebelle, a new tale  about being a parent. It unravels our desires, our weaknesses, and ultimately our strength and  ability to care for those born after us.  

Monday 8th February, 7pm 

Tuesday 9th February, 2pm 

The Lowry, The Quays, Salford M50 3AZ 

Box Office Tickets are available from £16 at Running Time 65 minutes