Being A Tiger are three piece band based in Leeds/Huddersfield that plays a dynamically shifting take on post-hardcore/alt-rock. It took many years for them to find their own sound but they have crafted it slowly and on their own terms. With energy coursing through their alt-rock/punk like wall of sound, they surge through sets with a ferocity that invokes reactions from crowds and demands attention. However, simply being loud appears to be dull to the Being A Tiger collective and so they push and pull their sets by interleaving moments of raw sparseness which allows for the crowds to collect themselves before raising them again.

Being A Tiger so far have released two E.P.’s and a single. Staying true to the DIY bands that clearly influence them, the two E.P.’s are self produced and distributed. Their first E.P. “Not Being A Tiger is Sh*t” (2013) demonstrated early on that they can thrash out a set of songs that sound natural and driven whereas their second E.P. “Done In Three Days” (2015) displayed how raw their sound can be by tracking live and straight to tape. Being A Tiger then hit new heights by releasing their most targeted and powerful music to date with “X Predates Y” released on Shoveitupyourcult Records in 2016.

In 2017 the band amicably parted ways with Tom, their bass player. Tom had been a huge part in writing and focusing the band. The band took a short hiatus over the summer of 2017 to introduce their new bass player Jack but are now on target to complete a new set of recordings for Shoveitupyourcult Records.

The track was originally recording during the “Done In Three Days” E.P. sessions and was meant for release. It even became the build up promo single for the E.P. however Mark became increasingly unhappy with the first verse and so pulled it off the E.P. and off all platforms on the day of release. It sat untouched right up until the closing few months of 2017 (a whole two years) but then Mark decided to revisit the song.

Because the song had been recorded live and straight to tape there were no multitracks to play with, instead Mark took whole sections of the song and spliced it to create a whole new stop start feel. He then took certain sparse guitar parts and manipulated them to create a new layer to play over these chopped up versions. At 1:06 the original recording and second verse kicks in and plays out how the song was originally intended.

This process has lead the band to toy around with further tracks and a similar approach to making tracks will be heard as the outro track to the Being A Tiger 7″ split with ilovecolour on the Being A Tiger side of course.

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