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Boy In Space releases ‘Backyard’ EP

His lyrical tales were grounded within his own life experiences,

After career highlights which have so far included over 300 million streams, collaborations with Alan Walker, and a major European tour as guest to Alec Benjamin, Boy In Space today releases his new EP ‘BACKYARD’. It represents the counterpoint to his 2021 set FRONTYARD, but this time exploring stories and emotions that you would rather keep hidden away.

The Swedish singer, songwriter and producer previewed the EP with the punchy, punky ‘A**hole’ and the daydream pop of ‘Lean On’. He launches ‘BACKYARD’ alongside its new focus track ‘Slide’, which quirkily contrasts a throwback R&B beat with jangly acoustic guitar and pitch-shifted vocals. Our Boy – also known as Robin Lundbänk – sings of a romantic infatuation, but between the couple’s differences and his anxious tendencies he’s well aware that it’s a desire that’s leading nowhere positive.

Boy In Space says, “Slide is about being in a relationship with someone that can get away with anything based on external beauty. Working every day to support someone that merely uses you as a stool.”

The rest of the ‘BACKYARD’ EP is also rich with the nostalgia, international outlook and helium high vocals which have stood out in all of its recently released tracks. ‘Let You Go’ is Boy In Space in streamlined, bedroom pop form, as he switches between a ballad-sweet topline and semi-rapped rhyme while a swirling synth line steadily becomes hypnotic. There’s much more going on in ‘Til’ The End’ as he takes us on a journey, layering up from plaintive voice and guitar to its expansive final crescendo. ‘Counting Sleep’ brings some island flavour to his home-cooked love of melody, while the driving beats of the closing ‘Downtown Juice’ sees him make peace with some of his troubles as he sings, “I don’t need to get emotional… I’ll tell myself I’ll be alright.”

While Boy In Space’s recent releases have been thematically close to home, his current ambition is to once again be able to take his music out on tour across the globe. He first came to attention with the pop trio JTR, who charted as far afield as Australia and Japan, but he soon felt that he wanted to make music entirely on his own terms. Returning to his hometown of Alingsås, he drew from renowned artists such as The 1975, The Weeknd, Blink 182 and Red Hot Chili Peppers as well as the Nordic pop tradition. His lyrical tales were grounded within his own life experiences, and those stories of vulnerabilities and finding your place in life speak to fans all over the world.