My oh my, “50 SHADES OF PINK” adds a superlative colourful hue to the ever growing catalogue of musical gems from exploding from sibling trio WE THREE. Following on from their new album “Happy”, the band has added this delicate tinge of pink to their repertoire and demand seems to outstrip their wherewithal to keep delivering masterful singles for their insatiable fans. As always, touching on deeper sentiments that traverse rejection, identity and loneliness, the song delivers an echoing hook that haunts long after the song has finished. This coupled with a flawless and brilliantly styled video further propels the band to being one of the most significant new sounds breaking out of America.

The band’s frontman and primary songwriter Manny Humlie had this to say about the song:

“50 SHADES OF PINK” has always felt like a dream to me. A dream I didn’t want to end. When you’re in love you become obsessed with the smallest, sometimes random details of your person, such as pink hair.  I wanted this song to be bursting with chaotic obsessive energy, like that moment you drink too much and start saying exactly how you feel.  Like wanting to move out of the country together and leave your friends and family behind.”

Perhaps the “chaotic obsessive energy” that Mannie writes about is brought about, in part, by the hectic touring schedule that bands with such high creative output and fan-attention must endure.  With their recent string of successful shows in the U.S. and upcoming sold-out European tour, the aforementioned chaotic energy shows no signs of slowing.  The touring schedule is largely fuelled by the band’s social media following.  With 1.2 million followers on TikTok, 1.4 million monthly Spotify listeners, and tens of millions of streams, the band’s highly engaging online presence has paid off.

The three siblings have shared an extraordinary journey. They were raised in a religious family, which separated them from the ordinary experiences that most teenagers go through. Manny was nudged into an early marriage when others were having their first dates, leading, unsurprisingly, to an equally early divorce. The death of their mother opened up a wider world of both personal and musical experiences, but also the punch of grieving and loss. It was a time that We Three documented in their first breakthrough moment ‘Heaven’s Not Too Far,” one of the band’s biggest songs to date.

9th October – Glasgow, King Tut’s Wah Wah Hut (SOLD OUT)
10th October – Manchester, Academy 3 (SOLD OUT)
11th October – London, Heaven (SOLD OUT)

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