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C’est Magnifique video released – Melody Gardot

A tropical stunner duet, crafted in English, Portuguese and French

Melody Gardot releases the glamorous video for ‘C’est Magnifique’, shot in Portugal, to celebrate the release of her album Sunset In The Blue  also out today!

A tropical stunner duet, crafted in English, Portuguese and French, ‘C’est Magnifique’ highlights the collaboration between Gardot and the Portuguese superstar, António Zambujo. A delicious match to the music’s undeniable instant-classic feel, oozing south of France chic-ness, we find Gardot driving a vintage Mercedes, donned in Cartier jewelry, Hermes clothing and her ever-identifiable Nathalie Blanc sunglasses. Seamlessly weaving the music to the image, we travel to another time, hands on the wheel, with the added elegance of white driving gloves (reminiscent of Grace Kelly). A “white glove” treatment for this precious gem of a song; created by Blanche Films and directed by Pedro Varela. Video still attached.

An underlying theme of determination to create and evolve her craft has always been present in Gardot’s work, but never more so than during the production of Sunset in the Blue. True to her character, despite numerous obstacles, she has assembled a stunning new body of work that highlights an impressive list of collaborations in perhaps the most challenging moment for musicians, worldwide.

Melody says “It is so important that we come together in this moment where there is a deafening silence happening in the arts…we are part of one large family (artists, musicians, singers, painters…) and this album is a testament to that collaborative spirit.”

You can watch the video here: