Breakout pop/rock star Charlotte Sands releases her long-awaited debut album can we start over?, available to stream on all DSPs worldwide HERE. The album is the culmination of years of unprecedented independent success, and showcases a dynamic and eclectic work of songwriting art. The record effortlessly weaves its way in and out of rock and pop, highlighted by a subtle homage to beloved 90s + 2000s alternative. It includes singles “blindspot,” “use me,” “pity,” and “get over it,” along with six new songs. The release comes ahead of Sands’ worldwide headlining tour covering the US, UK, Australia, and Europe, and kicks off March 7th. Tickets are currently available for purchase HERE.

In the years leading up to her debut album can we start over?, Charlotte Sands has been prolific – constantly releasing music, charting at Top 40 pop radio for over 15 weeks, nominations for Breakthrough Artist at A2IM’s Libera Awards, taking home an award at London’s Heavy Music Awards, touring with legendary acts – all while remaining fiercely independent. She loves the freedom that being a fully independent artist grants you, making music on her own terms and releasing each song into the world when it feels right. Her debut album is the culmination of a lifelong dream, a project she waited to undertake until it aligned perfectly with her artistic vision.

“The inspiration behind the title can we start over? came while writing a song for the album about the idea of restarting a relationship, and the idea of beginning again or reintroducing yourself to someone,” Sands says. “I’ve changed so much over the last few years personally and in my career and I love the concept of starting over as who I am now with the information and knowledge I’ve gained. It’s not about forgetting the past or regretting our choices but more so letting go of the previous version of ourselves and meeting each other where we are at this moment in the phases that we’re currently in. I think this album for me represents exactly that, standing firmly where I am as the person I am today.”


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