Cosima has revealed her new single Who Do You Love?! and its accompanying B-side Insecure. The tracks are out now via her label South Of Heaven and London based creative artist services company Platoon and are the follow up to Close To You (Moonlighting), released in September.

Who Do You Love?! was produced by Samuele Danieli and Cosima, co-written with Jon Hill and Gianluca Buccellati and mixed by Alex Tumay. Insecure was co-written by Steve Mostyn and produced by Duncsuei, with string arrangement from Time for Three.

Speaking about Who Do You Love?! and Insecure, Cosima explains:

‘Who Do You Love?! is about feeling a constant competition with other women that the person you’re with is considering as options. You can have the person you are with tell you a million times that it’s you they love but if you don’t trust them it doesn’t mean anything.

Insecure is the sound of relief, you don’t even envy your successor you just hope she’s stronger than you were. “you make me feel like there’s something better, and I’m the one whose blocking out the view”. It’s the quiet B side of Who Do You Love?!’

As part of the theme for Who Do You Love?! Cosima has released personalized artwork for each streaming service revealing her as a different girl in the images. She says:

‘The line “When an actress plays a woman who wants to please a man, she tries to be all the women in the world rolled into one” from Fassbinders film Veronika Voss encapsulated how I felt in that specific relationship. I wanted to play with embodying different versions of the options I felt I was competing against in different covers’.

Having released the acclaimed South Of Heaven EP in 2016, as well as a number of standout singles including Girls Who Get Ready and To Build A House, Cosima has already received lots of attention within the mainstream press and radio worlds. Dazed included her in their ‘Dazed 100’ and she counts the likes of Zane Lowe, Vogue and i-D as fans.

Who Do You Love?! & Insecure are out now via South Of Heaven/Platoon.

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