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Darren Hayes – ‘Let’s Try being In Love’

Darren Hayes has today announced his first new music in a decade ‘Let’s Try Being In Love’

Darren Hayes has today announced his first new music in a decade and the beginning of a brand-new chapter of accomplishments. Leading with the effervescent new single ‘Let’s Try Being In Love’, Hayes strikes out strong with a reminder of his natural songwriting talent and charm. More than a comeback, ‘Let’s Try Being In Love’ is a rebirth.

It signals that Hayes’ most personal music is around the corner. For the first time ever, his new project is entirely arranged, produced, composed and performed by Hayes himself, and the single teases an era that is set to represent Darren Hayes at his most artistically fulfilled.

Inspired by queer icons like Patrick Cowley and Shep Pettibone (Madonna, George Michael), ‘Let’s Try Being In Love’ has the obvious romanticism threaded beautifully throughout, while 2017’s Call Me By Your Name also gave special inspiration for how Hayes approached this particular song. Thematically, ‘Let’s Try Being In Love’ (and the video in particular), serves as a reflection from a man on life, love, regret and realisation.

“I’ve been married to Richard (Cullen) for almost 17 years, I’m in this really comfortable place in my life. But at the same time at mid-life I’m grieving the fact I never got to celebrate who I really was at the period of my life where I was most famous.

“I look at this world we live in now where someone like Lil Nas X can push forward his true self, full of pride and self-love and have the chance to be loved for who he truly is. I was realising with great sadness that I didn’t get that experience. A lot of the time I was my most famous, I was deeply sad.”

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