Irish rock duo Dea Matrona have today released their highly-anticipated debut album ‘For Your Sins’. Available to buy on a variety of vinyl, CD and cassette formats here.

Dea Matrona have always been an exciting proposition. A duo that pushes boundaries of genres in an authentic yet nostalgic way, their debut album ‘For Your Sins’ bestows a passion project like no other. An album that bridges together an intoxicating blend of indie pop and rock with superb sophistication, influences from Fleetwood Mac, HAIM, The White Stripes and Arctic Monkeys drench through. From the thumping and prowling ‘So Damn Dangerous’ to the whimsical pop wonder ‘Every Night I Want You’, the low strums of ‘Black Rain’ to the country swing of ‘Won’t Feel Like This Forever’, it delivers a slice of everything.

The album is a completely self-made labour of love, with the band writing, recording and producing the album themselves. The art of the debut is usually to define the artist’s voice and find their calling, however the sheer beauty of Dea Matrona’s work is to never stick to one thing, follow one convention or tow one path. It is an album about treading the line of self-discovery, to push boundaries and to never stick to structures and formalities. “It’s a record about trying to find ourselves & failing over & over again until we realised that part of the fun of being in Dea Matrona is that we’ll never really know who we are or what we want to say”

Dea Matrona comprises two school friends, Mollie McGinn and Orlaith Forsythe, who grew up busking to their favourite rock ‘n’ roll anthems on the streets of Belfast. Covering the likes of Led Zeppelin’s ‘Whole Lotta Love’ and Simon & Garfunkel’s ‘Homeward Bound’, they have reached an online community of 500,000 followers and racked up over 8 million views on YouTube. With their hard hitting riffs and musical intensity they have established a rare, sensational sound – gritty and real but loaded with melody and style.

The band have announced a series of exclusive in-store acoustic performances across the UK to celebrate the release. Starting in HMV Belfast yesterday, they will play special sets at some iconic record stores including Jacaranda in Liverpool, Vinyl Whistle in Leeds and Banquet Records in Kingston.

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