Decca Records is incredibly proud to reveal an online auction for their dedicated Decca Bursary which supports young artists in overcoming barriers they may face when entering the classical world. The event will take place on the 6th of July at 4pm BST, in association with Omega Auctions, and boasts an array of impressive, bespoke lots that have been generously donated by friends and artists alike. Also home to a solid reputation of artist-centric excellence, prizes will include a virtual coffee with Gregory Porter, a Blue Planet II original score from Hans Zimmer, VIP tickets to meet legend Andrea Bocelli and the opportunity to be a fly on a wall at one of Saxophonist Jess Gillam’srecordings.

“At Decca we can see first-hand the power of music; to inspire, to soothe, to bring people together, to communicate with passion and emotion. It is with this in mind we are so proud that via the Decca Bursary we are able to support the fundamental first steps into music in its many forms” – Laura Monks, Co-Managing Director

After celebrating their 90th anniversary last year, Decca supported the launch of a new Universal Music UK Sound Foundation bursary. The bursary gives young musicians and composers in the UK an integral pathway to a life immersed in classical music. Underpinning a passion for classical, the bursary aid helps specific applicants with music lessons, access to instruments or necessary equipment and courses spanning niches within the genre. With a prominent aim to invigorate a new, eager generation, the Decca Bursary ensures that financial background (and associated obstacles) is irrelevant to classical success. Highlights within the bursary so far include £20,000 worth of awards given to schools and individuals across the UK and Eire, as well as upwards of 200 individual applications.

Decca Bursary’s 2021 online auction intends to fuel more of the phenomenal triumphs that have already been achieved by initial applicants. The 6th of July will be brimming with priceless goods, experiences and opportunities from Decca’s wide-spanning talent and beyond. On the night, the staggering ensemble of donations will include Aurora’s very own Runaway lyrics, a signed dress from opera sensation Katherine Jenkins, a signed commemorative frame from Tom Jones (including all six of Tom’s first Decca top 5 singles!), a vinyl cutting session at Abbey Road Studios and bespoke Pavarotti artwork by creative, Will McNally.

In addition, more headline classical acts have been kindly donated to the cause. This consists of an online conversation with Sheku and Brimah Kanneh-Mason, a personal guitar lesson with Miloš Karadaglic, recording sessions, a hand-drawn Keaton Henson illustration, Karl Jenkins’ signed Adiemus score as well as a signed conductor’s baton, a private interview with Lise Davidson and (unbelievably) even more to follow.

Website with more information, here.

Some of the fabulous lots up for auction are:

  • ANDREA BOCELLI – CONCERT TICKETS WITH MEET AND GREET, PLUS ‘BELIEVE’ DELUXE BUNDLE: 2 VIP tickets to any Andrea Bocelli UK tour date in 2022 with an exclusive meet and greet following the show. Also includes a ‘Believe’ deluxe bundle that includes a Believe t-shirt, tote bag, CD, candle, and calendar.
  • RONAN KEATING – CONCERT TICKETS WITH MEET AND GREET, PLUS SIGNED ULTIMATE FAN BUNDLE AND SIGNED LITHOGRAPH: 2 tickets to any Ronan Keating tour date 2022 with an exclusive meet and greet following the show! Also includes signed Twenty Twenty ultimate fan and signed Lithograph.
  • MICHAEL BALL & ALFIE BOE – CONCERT TICKETS WITH MEET AND GREET2 tickets to any Michael Ball and Alfie Boe Christmas tour 2021, with an exclusive meet and greet with both of them following the show!
  • GREGORY PORTER HANGAn intimate one-to-one Zoom conversation and hang out with Gregory Porter.
  • ANDREW LLYOD WEBBER – TICKETS TO CINDERELLA, ANDREW LLYOD WEBBER SIGNED PROGRAMME, SOUNDTRACK CD, AND CAST AND ANDREW LLYOD WEBBER SIGNED LP: 2 tickets to Andrew Lloyd Webber’s new musical, Cinderella, at the Gillian Lynne Theatre London. Includes an Andrew Llyod Webber signed programme, signed Cinderella CD and cast and Andrew Llyod Webber signed LP.
  • DAVID BOWIE – ‘THE WORLD OF DAVID BOWIE’ TEST PRESSINGWhite Label test pressing of David Bowie’s ‘The World of David Bowie’.
  • ELTON JOHN – ‘DIAMONDS’ TEST PRESSINGWhite Label test pressing of Elton John’s ‘Diamonds’.
  • TOM JONES – 6 x 7” DECCA TOP 5 SINGLES, FRAMED AND SIGNED BY TOM JONES: An exclusive A1 size presentation, displaying original 7” vinyl’s of 6 Tom Jones Decca Top 5 hits (UK and US) and signed by Tom Jones.
  • KATHERINE JENKINS SIGNED DRESS: An opportunity to own one of Katherine Jenkin’s dresses, signed on the inside top hem by Katherine herself!

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