Fanny has once again blessed our ears with a glimmering electro-pop anthem, in the form of We Don’t Talk Any More. With an absolute earworm of a chorus, the track is sure to go down a storm live, as well as resonate with many. Listen here.

In Fanny’s own words We Don’t Talk Any More is, “A song about losing a friendship. I was absolutely infuriated but also heartbroken when I wrote the song. It’s about the anguish of losing someone once close to you, but you are too caught up in your own narrative to be able to see your own flaws or take any blame.”

Delving into the breakdown of a close friendship, the backstory of We Don’t Talk Any More even has its own chapter in Fanny’s very first published book. Collaborating with her best friend, Party Girls Never Cry is currently only available in her native Norway, via Aschehoug Forlag. The book has already garnered tremendous success and went in at No.9 on the coveted Best Seller list! Fanny explains the book is, A coming of age biography about the trial and tribulations of being a young adult in Oslo and how partying became a means of dealing with depression and anxiety.” 

Fanny Andersen, who is unabashedly flying the self-love flag, recently released her burgeoning electro-pop single, Jump The Gun. The singer-songwriter had her very own I ❤️ FANNY billboard installed on Harrow Road in London, in celebration of the single release. Fans have been sharing photos of themselves in front of it, including BRIT-nominated rapper Aitch, and sending to Fanny on social media. Recently however, the poster has been de-faced which has struck up a whole new conversation…

“On one hand, the idea of putting up the I ❤️ FANNY posters was so funny we couldn’t not do it, but on the other hand it represents the main theme of the EP, which is figuring out how to love yourself. Unfortunately, that message got completely misconstrued and sexism overshadowed it in this circumstance.”

2020 saw the London-based rising star make the brave move from Oslo to the UK, leaving the comfort of her friends and family in the middle of the global pandemic. After being thrust into a lockdown, she spent her time reflecting and writing new music. The Norway-born artist also released her EP, Pretty Girls Are Never LonelyComprised of three tracks spanning the ups and downs of daily life, the writing and releasing of this EP was a cathartic process for Fanny.

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