After wrapping up two wildly successful tours and releasing an irresistible track “Dance Alone“, lively alt-rock-pop trio The Happy Fits release its accompanying official music video today shot at the Cameo House, here.

The Happy Fits will also be dancing across the pond to Europe and the UK this Autumn, after performing at festivals across the US in the Summer. Find a full list of dates below, with tickets on sale now via

The upbeat track’s visual, directed by Rahil Ashruff follows a woman, played by Lindsee Ann, finishing up some chores around the house, headphones on, rocking out to the track as if her surroundings and every care in the world disappear. It proves the track is good for everything, including bringing joy to life’s most mundane tasks. She eventually makes her way around the house, with Beverly Hills as the backdrop, only to find a house party happening in the backyard, featuring The Happy Fits in the midst of a live show, featuring actual Happy Fits fans in the crowd. It concludes as one might expect–she abandons the chores to surrender to the music as the trio proves to be incredibly irresistible.

“‘Dance Alone’ is about social anxiety and the fear of striking up a conversation,” says Ross Monteith (guitarist/vocals). The video, however, is free of social anxiety, as the music serves as its antidote. The Happy Fits were able to reunite with Ashruff, as the director was behind the trio’s equally entertaining 2021 visuals for “What Could Be Better,” and “Get A Job,” for what the band calls an unforgettable experience.

Cameo was delighted to host The Happy Fits and help bring the band closer to their fans. A spokesperson with Cameo notes, “Cameo virtually connects talented stars like The Happy Fits with their biggest fans everyday so we were thrilled to take this even further and in-person for the “Dance Alone” video. It was an honor to host The Happy Fits and their real-life fans at Cameo Villa to capture the excitement, joy and personal connection the song brings to life.”

Much like previous releases, “Dance Alone,” is the ideal companion to a lonely night, one that will brighten any mood and bring anyone to their feet. With a drum machine-backed beat by producer Ayad Al Adhamy, the track blooms from the subtle apprehension that comes with facing your feelings into a full-blown confidence booster. Finding the balance between sincere and plain old fun, the band sings, “Heart is racing / You’re to blame / I can’t seem to find the words to say / I will never understand / How no one was there to hold your hand / Now, I’m gonna lose a chance / I just wanna ask you for this dance / ‘Cause I don’t wanna dance alone tonight.”

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