Australia’s one to watch Fletcher Gull returns with his thought-provoking new single and video ‘Transgressive Soliloquy’ (stream here) A blend of shimmering metallic percussion, melodic indie and quirky samples, ‘Transgressive Soliloquy’ sees Fletcher Gull vent his frustration towards 21st Century living. Accompanying the track is a striking one-take video that sees him forcibly dressed and smothered in red paint and black marker pen,  acting as a visual metaphor conveying the remorseless effects of societal expectations.

About his new track Fletcher says: “In the modern world we live closer to each other than ever, but our worlds have never been further apart. The news outlets in our feed and the friends on our Facebook define the reality in which we live. We surround ourselves with people and stories that reinforce our narrow worldview, insulated in the cosy walls of our tribe. To go out on our own and endeavour to map our own path to the truth has become a tightrope walk over a pit of knives. Even if we don’t fall, we might be cast out for our transgressions and we will be naked in the world, an outsider to everyone. It’s a world where the wilfully blind throw stones and honest people get caught in the crossfire. This song is for people walking that tightrope; don’t lose hope, it will lead somewhere.”

‘Transgressive Soliloquy’ is taken from Fletcher’s second EP ‘Ancient History Shares A Knowing Smile’ due for release in the Spring. Finding its inception in the aftermath of an accidental drug overdose that had a profound effect on him, the new EP sees Fletcher pick up the pieces of his previous life and rearrange them into something that catches the light in a new way.

Fletcher’s latest offering is another example of his mastery of intricate storytelling, shifting into the well deserved limelight with attention from Australia’s national radio station triple j, Jack Saunders at BBC Radio 1 (who made Fletcher his ‘Next Wave’ artist at the end of 2020) and tastemakers CLASH.

A gifted wordsmith, Fletcher’s love of language is seen in his passion for literature which has trickled down into his lyricism. He found his name between the covers of his favourite book, Richard Bach’s novella “Jonathan Livingston Seagull”. His rhythms ramble like the poetry of Edgar Allan Poe, with themes venturing into a reverence for nature and ancient rites like Tolkien, with a soundtrack taking cues from the whimsy of indie rock epics The Shins and The Flaming Lips.

Fletcher Gull’s songs are rabbit holes – an invitation to let yourself tumble into a multiplicity of stories that are a means of connection; of finding togetherness in a world that can often make you feel alone. The trailers are well and truly over. Get your ears ready for Fletcher Gull’s main event.

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