Ahead of the forthcoming album Surrounded By Time on April 23rd, Tom Jones today shares another song from the collection, One More Cup of Coffee. 

Having already shown  glimpses of what’s to come with Talking Reality Television Blues and No Hole In My Headthe album sees Tom continuing a creative  journey that has spanned an incredible seven decades and which shows little sign of slowing up.

Some forty-four years after discovering the song for the first time, Tom has finally been able to work Bob Dylan’s One More Cup Of Coffee in the manner he had always imagined it – bringing the right blend of experience, brevity and careworn playfulness to the scenario set out in the original. Putting it into some kind of context; “Years ago” – he smiles, “I was a bit of a tearaway, finding myself in situations and with people I shouldn’t have been with. For me all these years later when I hear the line about going down to the valley below, I don’t just think about the reality of going too far, but also the hangover. I can’t be that person any more but I start singing that song, and I’m right back there.”

Having begun working with producer Ethan Johns on 2010’s much admired Praise & Blame, the  partnership has continued over the subsequent decade and become  his longest musical collaboration. Surrounded In Time reflects that relationship and has produced Tom’s  most personal collection of songs to date – delving deep into his youth  as well as the  more recent past, producing an intimate body of work with a still-relevant  narrative as it  traverses  an ever-changing musical landscape.

Surrounded By Time is available to pre-order here

the full track-listing is:

I Won’t Crumble With You If You Fall (Bernice Johnson Reagon)

The Windmills Of Your Mind (Michel Legrand/Alan & Marilyn Bergman)

Popstar (Cat Stevens/Yusuf Islam)

No Hole In My Head (Malvina Reynolds)

Talking Reality Television Blues (Todd Snider)

I Won’t Lie (Michael Kiwanuka & Paul Butler)

This is the Sea (Michael Scott)

One More Cup Of Coffee (Bob Dylan)

Samson And Delilah (Tom Jones, Ethan Johns, Mark Woodward)

Mother Earth (Tony Jo White)

I’m Growing Old (Bobby Cole)

Lazarus Man (Terry Callier)

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