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Fyfe Dangerfield releases new single ‘Shook’

Fyfe Dangerfield, the founder and frontman of Guillemots, returns with the brand new single ‘Shook’.

Fyfe Dangerfield, the founder and frontman of Guillemots, returns with the brand new single ‘Shook’. The track is released via his multimedia creative platform Channels May Change. Listen HERE. 
A whirling, fever dream cocktail of otherworldly psychedelia, maximalist hyperpop, ambient textures and skittering, hypervigilant beats, ‘Shook’ is arguably the most singular work to date from an artist who has always been eager to expand music’s boundaries. Navigating past the 8-minute mark, the entirely self-produced ‘Shook’ toys with elements that are at turns sweet, hypnotic and jarring, racing from frenzied catharsis through to pure ecstatic abandon. It’s no retread of the kaleidoscopic sounds that Guillemots so elegantly crafted, but its spirit, vision and ambition comes from a similar place.
The accompanying video for the track, directed by Gavin Bush & Dangerfield, juxtaposes the track’s myriad sonic cross currents with a black & white visual of Fyfe shot in extreme close-up, emitting a fierce intensity through its unrelenting intimacy. As the music finally fades away and Fyfe returns to a neutral stance, the chaos switches to an uplifting, almost meditative calm.
‘Shook’ represents an early stage in the continuing evolution of the record label component of the Channels May Changecottage industry. Rejecting the conventional wisdom of the album cycle, the label provides Fyfe the freedom to maximise his creative expression by releasing music as often and in whatever formats he sees fit. There might be gigantic pop productions, solo piano improvisations, surreal electronica or unexpected covers and collaborations. There could be singles, EPs, albums, soundtracks, remixes, sketches or archive rarities. Whatever you’ll eventually hear will be the result of whatever Fyfe’s muse compels him to record and release.

But there’s more to Channels May Change than just the music. Nothing is too wild. Nothing is too outlandish. The possibilities are endless.  That ethos feeds into its Birdwatcher series of broadcasts, which melds original songs, sound collages, an assortment of unhinged characters, esoteric visuals & virtual tasting menus into a tantalising sensory experience – a radio show from the other side. 
After playing a series of intimate and engaging livestream shows throughout lockdown, Fyfe Dangerfield will play a residency at the State51 Factory, Rhoda Street, London on March 16th, 23rd and 30th. Fans who sign-up HERE will gain access to a ticket pre-sale which opens at 10am on Monday, February 27th. Remaining tickets will then go on general sale HERE from 10am the following day.