As they head towards the June 24th release of their new album ‘Interiority’, Fyfe & Iskra Strings share a final taste of the album in the shape of the new song ‘It’s A Waste Man’, which features the alt-pop duo Aquilo. The collaboration between Fyfe & Iskra Strings is one of the most intriguing of the year, and has been reflected with huge support at 6 Music (a playlist plus as well from Lauren Laverne, Steve Lamacq, Guy Garvey and Amy Lamé) together with Jamz Supernova at Selector Radio.

Throughout the campaign, Fyfe & Iskra Strings have demonstrated an intuitive ability to coax the very best out of each other, as well as their numerous collaborators (including Ghostpoet and Mysie) and many more. That skill is indelible in ‘It’s A Waste Man’ too. Together with Aquilo, they’ve created a cathedral of sound which wraps intricate vocal harmonies – sometimes upfront in the mix, at others drifting in the ether like a forgotten promise – within sanguine strings and piano complemented by modest pop beats.  LISTEN HERE.

Fyfe explains, Walking back to the tube after writing with Aquilo I emailed the track to James saying I thought it was one of the most beautiful songs I’d been a part of writing. James had an instant connection too and we set about arranging and producing it, bringing it into the Fyfe & Iskra Strings world. The combination of all 4 creative minds has produced something really special, and having been admirers of Aquilo since their first EPs, it’s a joy to have been able to work with them on this project”. 

Aquilo add, “‘It’s A Waste Man’ is a song we wrote with Fyfe ages ago that we’d totally forgotten about until he messaged us asking if he could use it for his project with Iskra Strings. They went on to put their own spin on it and we were blown away. We may be biased, but we think it’s beautiful.”

In addition to the songs that have previewed the album, ‘Interiority’ presents many more highlights through its rich tapestry of sonics. It’s a set which makes otherwise disparate genres feel like long-lost friends, its mix of experimental pop and post-classical becoming particularly immersive within further collabs with Rae Morris (‘Origami’) and Kelly Lee Owens(‘Spirographs’). From the apocalyptic drama of ‘Eschaton’ to the impermanence of the near lullaby ‘An[n]ew’, it’s an album that introduces new ideas at every moment.

‘Interiority’ is available to pre-order or pre-save HERE. Fyfe recently shared a video which showed how Dan Whiteson’s cover art was cut into pieces as part of the record’s very exclusive Super Deluxe Edition.

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