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Live At Leeds: In The City announces October return

Live At Leeds thrives with bringing those unmissable new names to the fore

With the hotly anticipated Live At Leeds: In The Park set to make its huge outdoor festival debut this Saturday (June 4th), the Live At Leeds year is set to continue with the beloved return of Live At Leeds: In The City on Saturday 15th October across Leeds City Centre. A leading home of all things new music discovery, where fans come to discover their next favourite artists before anyone else – this year’s festival is set to be an essential date in the diary for those looking to the sounds of 2023 and beyond!

Announcing over 50 names in its first wave of names, Live At Leeds: In The City returns with a bang. Leading this year’s festival lineup is a band who over the course of the past five years have grown into a driving force of modern guitar-pop in Pale Waves. Lead by the already iconic Heather Baron-Gracie, Pale Waves have become a live phenomenon that continue to grow and grow into an band defining the here and now with slick hooks, soaring indie-rock and passionate messages of acceptance and equality. Anthems like ‘Television Romance’, ‘Change’, ‘There’s A Honey’, ‘She’s My Religion’ and latest cut ‘Lies’ (taken from their upcoming third album ‘Unwanted’) are guaranteed to turn Live At Leeds: In The City into a goth-drenched celebration – rising through the Live At Leeds ranks to take their rightful place as headliners in 2022.

Speaking about headlining Live At Leeds: In The City, Heather Baron-Gracie of Pale Waves said:
“We’re super excited to be headlining this year’s Live At Leeds: In The City! It’s always been a great city for us and a fun one to play, we can’t wait to be back to play some tracks from our new album ‘Unwanted’.”

Carving an indie-pop world of his own, Thomas Headon continues his rise into 2023 and beyond with his set at Live At Leeds: In The City sure to see a packed room of fans desperate to see the future right in front of them, right now. Atmospheric indie-scapers Palace are sure to meld their own gorgeous set in the heart of Leeds City Centre this October, proving why they sell-out venues across the globe with their distinctly original sound, while the rave-inspired breakdowns of Working Men’s Club will touchdown at Live At Leeds: In The City for a pounding electro-punk takeover that needs to be witness in all its glory (especially with anticipated second album ‘Fear Fear’ sure to be a club staple by the time October comes around). Turning pop music on its head, Baby Queen is sure to be a highlight of Live At Leeds: In The City 2022 – proving why so many are signing up to the Baby Kingdom in their thousands with every performance and release, with latest cut ‘Colours Of You’ soundtracking TV shows and countless fans’ 2022 in the process, with the earnest pop-bops and smile-inducing indie gleams of Will Joseph Cook bound to be a joyous high-point of the Live At Leeds: In The City day too.

Returning to Leeds in October, Will Joseph Cook said:
The Leeds audience brings so much energy, I’m always gassed to be playing a show in the city. Brudenell social club was my first headline show in Leeds and it slapped, good memories there.”

Across the board, Live At Leeds thrives with bringing those unmissable new names to the fore – travelling between different venues in the heart of one of the UK’s most celebrated musical cities to catch a glimpse of an artist that have become the talk of the new music world or simply stumbling into a venue to discover a band and a sound you may never have seen before. From the insatiable electronica of W.H. Lung and the bubbling grooves of Los Bitchos to the acts that when seen live take on a whole life of their own such as suave 80s weavers Highschool, bombastic party-favourites Opus Kink, alt-dreamers Prima Queen and the surging punk veracity of Ireland’s own Sprints amongst others. Whether it’s the immediate alt-kicks of Anorak Patch, Chappaqua Wrestling and Cheap Teeth, the punchy spins on guitar music in all its forms with Laundromat, The Queen’s Head, Trunky Juno, Uninvited, Flowvers, Pleasure Centre and Pop Vulture, the cinematic 90s-esque whirl of acts like Wynona or the undeniable pop supremacy bursting through from Claudia Valentina, Cate, Ellie Dixon and Beren Olivia amongst many others – there’s truly something for everyone to discover at Live At Leeds: In The City.

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