West London producer and songwriter Fyfe today releases his new EP ‘Games’, which features his latest single ‘Looks The Same’. The ‘Games’ EP comes ahead of a major new album collaboration with Iskra Strings in the summer of 2022, and represents Fyfe’s first solo body of work since his 2017 album ‘The Space Between’.

As demonstrated by its title track and recent single, the ‘Games’ EP finds Fyfe showing an innate gift for shaping unorthodox sounds and acute sonic contrasts within the context of pure, accomplished songwriting. It’s an approach which sets him apart from the alt-pop pack, as heard within the dreamy ambience of ‘The Beat of My Drum’ or the maximalist yet nostalgic ‘What I Loved About You’. Conversely, there’s also a sketch-like quality to the EP’s three songs that clock in under the two-minute mark.

Thematically, the EP sees Fyfe shape an introspective set of postcard pictures which questions reality and identity in the social media age. As the final track ‘Operator’ questions, Is life just like The Truman Show? Where God’s the voyeur, I’m the show.”

Fyfe’s new single ‘Looks The Same’ merges all of those strengths into one concisely captivating moment. Bathed in reverb and echo, his voice addresses how influencers deliberately warp reality: the private jet that doesn’t take off (a real phenomenon), a rented Mercedes that will never be paid for. Musically it’s full of the immediately accessible off-kilter sonic flavours that Fyfe is renowned for: baroque-tinged melodies filtered through electronic instruments, the juxtaposition of near silence and swelling soundscapes.

Fyfe says, I wrote ‘Looks The Same’ deep in the bleary-eyed days of early fatherhood wondering if anything I saw through the portal of my black glass rectangular Apple branded device was real, and if I chose to dive into that world again, what story I might be tempted to tell”.

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