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Giving Productions release uplifting single ‘Hello’

Giving Productions present their uplifting and infectiously catchy debut single ‘HELLO’,

Giving Productions is a collective of individuals that came together to inspire the World. They present their uplifting and infectiously catchy debut single ‘HELLO’, out on the 23rd of July on all streaming platforms. Giving Productions also presents a brand new character, whose aim is to take audiences on a visual journey through the future world of music. His name is Techknowledgy.

The group consists of graduates of SAE Miami Institute of Music Technology with backgrounds in Sound Audio Engineering, Business Management and Leadership; which encompasses the culture behind Giving Productions mission to ‘Help Everyone Love Life Organically’. The positive mission, vision, and purpose pertains to the true meaning of impacting lives for a greater purpose. By acknowledging human existence with the simple term ‘Hello’, we can begin to break down the unfortunate negative acts of hatred, social injustice and racism that still sadly occur in the world today.

The track was written by members of Giving Productions after listening to a beat composed by 2x Grammy Award Winner, Vinny Venditto. Giving Productions recorded the song with former SAE classmate, Jason “Shi-Wun” Duenas. Jason immediately brought the song to life as the main recording and mixing engineer. “In less than 10 minutes, we knew we had something truly special on our hands. We didn’t want to overpower the track with vocals and wanted to keep this song as simple and catchy as possible”, says Giving Productions.

The group and Shi-Wun then connected with 6x Grammy Award Winning Recording and Mixing Engineer, Bonzai Caruso, to mix the song and include elements of flavor to ultimately construct and polish the song to its perfection. With an incredibly talented group of collectives working on the track, ‘Hello’ was strategically created to share the incredibly simple yet overwhelmingly effective message to say: “Hello!”

Giving Productions say, “The song was originally written during the pandemic where there was a lack of human interaction and really wanting to connect with friends and family during a time that we weren’t able to. During these moments, we realised our behaviors of not being able to interact physically with people, led to us understanding how we “did” interact with people, which wasn’t the best practice of generosity and kindness.

Unfortunately, the pandemic exposed plenty of how we treat one another, and what we don’t do enough of is acknowledging human existence. Therefore, we wrote the song “Hello” as a universal greeting to the world by acknowledging human existence and helping everyone love life organically.”

Giving Productions ultimate aim is to create a world of music and creativity that our future generations can experience. The group’s focus is to inspire and engage the audience with a new way of art by infusing incredible excitement and energy with 3D Animation, Education, Technology, and Music to create a New World of Reality to entertain the Future.