A Danish-Chinese artist with an appealingly undefinable sound, Helena Gao introduces herself to an international audience with her new single ‘Pretty Please’ which previews the November 26th release of her new EP ‘Mirth n Matter’. Having already earned early attention in Denmark, featuring on Spotify playlists including New Music Friday and EQUAL as well as a breaking artist profile from tastemakers Soundvenue. Listen HERE.

The sleek seductive alt-pop of ‘Pretty Please’ is led by the beguiling beauty of Helena’s voice. The pulsating rhythmic strut of its production raises the heat of its flirtatious vibes, with lyrics that penetrate far deeper than mere innuendo.

Helena says, “‘Pretty Please’ was made, after I was sent an instrumental from my collaborator Malthe. I thought it had a liberating feel to it, almost like going to the club underwater, and it made me wanna make a sensual song to go with it. I’m a bit of a prude, and I’m overly aware of the fact that my parents will hear whatever lyrics I write. So I decided that this song should be about sex, but without mentioning anything explicit at all. So it’s basically a whole song of pussyfooting around. It kinda reminds me of those jokes hidden in children’s media made for adults.”

‘Pretty Please’ will feature on the upcoming ‘Mirth n Matter’ EP alongside two of her recent releases, the K-Pop throb of ‘God’s Favourite’ and the dreamy ambient balladry of ‘The Talk’. Completed by two other as yet unreleased tracks, ‘Mirth n Matter’ shows an immense evolution in Helena’s sound since the growing pains and concise 8-minute running time of her previous EP ‘Extended Adolescence’.

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