With over 6 million streams for recently released new single, “Is It Love”, multi-platinum international award-winning artist Loreen, unveils the official music video. The video was shot by video director, Moncef Henaien in the Tunisian desert and depicts the message behind the song: the duality in love and life. Watch the official music video below.

With Loreen’s Berber influences, Loreen radiates strength and beauty; her eyes hold the stories of generations, and her outfit symbolizes the continuity of tradition in a changing world, a vision of modernity and cultural pride.

Nomadic influences are becoming more common in Western pop music, but with the dominance of music platforms like TikTok and Eurovision, a new generation of artists outside the Western pop world are making music accessible for everyone, bringing people together and reaching audiences beyond borders on their own terms. As a leading female diaspora artist, Loreen’s Moroccan Berber roots are embedded in her new sky-scraping pop sound now more than ever. In a recent cover interview, Vogue Arabia claimed her “moment in the spotlight is only getting brighter”.

Loreen says: “Is It Love” was born from a place of seeking clarity, it’s a song describing and contemplating a love that’s so deep but at the same time filled with confusion. It’s about realising that to create a deeper understanding of yourself you need to accept the duality of life, that distortion and clarity goes hand in hand and are equally as important. And to experience the depth of true love, both to the self as well as to others, you have to accept and experience the depth of pain.”


Tuesday 7 November Dublin, Ireland Opium Rooms
Wednesday 8 November Glasgow, UK St Luke’s & The Winged Ox
Friday 10 November London, UK Electric Brixton

Loreen’s massive breakthrough with “Euphoria” is still to this day considered as one of the most memorable performances in Eurovision Song Contest history where she single-handedly helped shift the perception of Eurovision. Earlier this year, Loreen once again spellbound viewers around the world, this time with her extraordinary performance of “Tattoo”, making history as the first woman—and only second person ever—to win the Eurovision Song Contest twice.

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