One of the country’s most exciting new talents, George O’Hanlon is back in 2022 with his brand new single ‘How Are You Feeling?”

The first single from George to feature his full touring band on record, the track find shim channelling his rockier influences to such as Radiohead, Springsteen, Nirvana and Slowdive. The track features some frenetic guitar work and an anthemic chorus destined to be shouted back at him by crowds around the current.  

Underneath all the rawk though George’s skills as an insightful songwriter still shines through.  “The song is about how you find your path as a person, especially during your late teens early 20’s, and the ups-and-downs that come with that” he explains. “To me it’s a really positive song about people finding their way.”


George released his debut EP, ‘The Storm’, in 2021 and announced himself as a burgeoning talent on the UK music scene. He’s already won fans at radio, picking up early support from the likes of Abi McCarthy at BBC Introducing and Jack Saunders at Radio 1. 

Inspired by the likes of Bob Dylan, Jeff Buckley and Thom Yorke, O’Hanlon’s songwriting is both literary and deeply personal, incorporating his own life experiences into his work while framing them from different perspectives.

Over the last few years O’Hanlon has been refining his playing and song writing and is now ready to share his music with the world. Following a few early gigs on the college circuit, George expanded out into a series of shows at grassroots venues, adding additional players to his live show and honing his live performance. 

Last September George embarked on his first UK tour of small venues around the country with his band. “We spent hours with four of us crammed in a car with all our gear” George remembers of the tour. “The tough bits are service stations at 3 in in the morning and things like that but playing the shows made it all worth it”

In 2022 he’s set to perform his debut international show, having been invited to perform at Austin’s renowned South x South West Festival.

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