Swedish forward-thinking pop star Tove Styrke has shared her exciting, unexpected and sexy new single ‘Show Me Love’, which follows recent releases ‘Start Walking’ and ‘Mood Swings’ released by RCA/Sony Music.

New single ‘Show Me Love’ was co-written and produced with Elof Loelv (Rihanna) and Sophia Somajo and sees Tove continue to intrigue and inspire with her uplifting alternative pop sound. Nostalgically inspired by classic pop songs from the 50´s-70’s paired with an acute modern presence, the track displays Tove’s impressive vocals with a heartfelt soaring chorus. The dreamlike video echoes the meaning of the song, but in a fun and lighthearted way. This is not just another love song, it is a track about sexuality and raw hardcore emotions.

Following the single release, Tove Styrke embarks on a US tour with a headline LA gig and then supporting fellow pop star MARINA. Full dates are below.

Tove says: ”I wrote it for someone I was madly in love with. Every word went directly from emotional parts of me, that I usually keep hidden, straight into the mic. It’s rare for me to write without any hesitation like that.”

”We chew up love like fast food, yet when we truly fall for someone it’s always the same big, amazing, dangerous thing. Slow love. Hard love. It grows, it hurts and it bends and it breaks. These feelings are like candy paste and cement at the same time. We’ve got that fun, fast food, easy side to it but it can also evolve into a war. I’m scared and obsessed with it.” 

‘The video consists of three parts. The performance, where I wanted to channel classic starlets from the silver screen and pay hommage to voguing. The fantasies, where the mass scenes and the birth of Venus to me are representations of sex and feminine energy. And lastly, we have the Rapunzel guitar solo as a metaphor for masturbation. This is one of my absolute favourite videos I’ve made.  It’s fun and weird and serious at the same time and I think it really shows how I feel about this song.”

‘Mood Swings’ in June last year was Tove’s first musical offering in three years alongside Autumn 2021 single ‘Start Walking’, plus her feature on Cheat Codes’ ‘All Things $ Can Do’ with Travis Barker.

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