10 great tracks that you can listen to right now.

1. Jeffrey James releases his new single, “We Can Be Heroes.”

Jeffrey originally teased the powerful pop ballad while appearing on NBC’s Songland last year. On the show, he was paired with prolific producer and songwriter Ryan Tedder who helped tighten up the song with more precise lyricism and anthemic production. Even though the episode’s guest judge Martina McBride selected another song to record, Jeffrey’s inspiring performance of “We Can Be Heroes” was met with overwhelming online support and feedback.

“‘We Can Be Heroes’ is about stepping up when times look dark. It’s about helping those in need and not waiting for someone else to step in as the hero,” Jeffrey says. “We all have it in ourselves to take responsibility for our future and look out for each other.”

2. Tempt release Living Dangerous feat. Dorothy

New York City band to watch, TEMPT, who are already getting buzz from the likes of Loudwire, just dropped their new, infectious single “Living Dangerous,” via Better Noise Music. The track features Dorothy Martin, acclaimed lead singer of the female-led rock act Dorothy. The record was produced and mixed by the legendary Chris Lord-Alge, who has worked with iconic bands such as U2, Green Day, and My Chemical Romance. Bursting with energy, “Living Dangerous” inspires listeners to break free of their inhibitions, tapping into classic rock sensibilities with a modern sonic twist. Lead singer Zach Allen’s and Dorothy’s voices blend perfectly with an obvious chemistry that draws listeners in and takes them on an irresistible rock ’n’ roll musical journey. “Living Dangerous (featuring Dorothy)” is now available to stream and download across platforms.

Zach Allen expressed his excitement about the single’s release: “After this crazy year, we are so ready for the world to hear Living Dangerous! It’s a great kickoff to the coming launch of the new record. Working with Chris Lord-Alge and then having Dorothy sing with us just took the track to yet another level! Roll down the car windows, blast it and try not to speed.”

Featured artist Dorothy commented, “Tempt are an incredibly talented group of guys, and working on “Living Dangerous” with them was a blast from start to finish. The track is so vibrant and full of energy, and I’m stoked to be a part of it.”

3. Titus Bank drops new track ‘Hid Me Like You Do’

Titus Bank has a voice that can stop an audience in its tracks. The Vancouver-based pop adventurer can effortlessly shift from a smooth croon to a soulful vibrato to a note-perfect howl — arresting and inviting; confident yet vulnerable.

His debut single “I Do Yeah” was praised by BBC Radio 1 as “pop perfection,” and the follow up “Hide Me Like You Do” is no exception. While Titus previously made waves with his ambitious, song-a-day 365 Songwriting Challenge (during which he wrote, recorded and released 185 in the span of a year), his new music is the result of a shifting focus towards songwriting refinement over sheer quantity. Letting his ideas marinate across multiple writing sessions with Toronto pop quartet Valley, emphasis was placed on workshopping melodies, honing in on details, and creating beautiful, sprawling, emotional songs.

4. Tiësto and Karol G release ‘Don’t Be Shy’

Tiësto and Karol G are making history with their new collaboration “Don’t Be Shy”! The song marks the first English song ever for multiplatinum superstar Karol G, as well as her first foray into dance music. It also celebrates the first Latin Artist collaboration for GRAMMY® Award-winning, platinum-certified, international icon, Tiësto. In true Tiësto fashion, he continues to expand across genres and styles, constantly evolving his music and craft.

Tiësto will celebrate the release of this new single this Saturday at Ayu Dayclub as part of his Las Vegas residency and partnership with Zouk Group and Resorts World Las Vegas with a special launch party to kick off his summer performances entitled “Don’t Be Shy Las Vegas.”

5. Carlie Hanson releases ‘Off My Neck’

Alt-pop artist Carlie Hanson has let loose a new track and video titled “Off My Neck.” In typical Carlie fashion, the track is a catchy pop song, although “Off My Neck” bears a bit more edge as Carlie channels the frustration of a soured friendship into both the song’s lyrics and sonics. The music video, directed by Ryan Baxley, is backdropped by a panoramic view of Los Angeles as Carlie performs along to lyrics like “you said the city wouldn’t change you / look at the monster that it made you.”

“’Off My Neck’ is about a friendship that goes sideways and how you want to escape your own brain just to stop thinking about it – especially when it’s someone you thought would be in your life forever,” said Carlie. 

6. Elohim releases ‘Treat You Better’

Elohim  unveils her new single “Treat You Better,, the first track taken from her new EP ‘Journey to the Center of Myself Vol.2’ out on August 27th. Listen here.

Earlier this year, Elohim announced  to the world her four-part ‘Journey to the Center of Myself’ project, the first volume of which was revealed on June 25th. The project came as a result of setting up a home studio during lockdown, which provided a creative period of inspiration reminiscent of her early years spent learning her craft; without rules, expectations, or schedules.

Boasting euphoric house soundscapes, a sweet and vulnerable vocal delivery and future garage-leaning undertones, the new single is the perfect introduction to Volume 2 of Elohim’s intricate four-part EP series. Elohim writes,“I prefer the listener to find their own meaning within the lyrics and feeling of a song, but for me “Treat You Better” is a playful pact with myself to treat myself better. My brain walks out on me in the first verse because she thinks I’m not worthy of her anymore because I’m too self-destructive. This is that conversation. Me and my brain. Fantasy meets reality.”

7. Arkells release ‘Swing Swing Swing’

Gearing up for their first live shows in 16 months, Arkells deliver a new track, Swing Swing Swing, from their highly anticipated album Blink Once due 22nd September via Universal Music Canada, available for pre-save and pre-order now. The five-piece have also released the official music video for Swing Swing Swingwhich can be viewed below.

There’s a tradition in gospel and soul music where you find these transcendent chordal arrangements that make you feel everything at once,” says frontman Max Kerman. “That’s what we were chasing with this song – throw some blistering trumpet in there and we have something that feels very new to us. The title and video nod to a motif of ‘3s’ and it felt right to put it out, heading into our big 3-night outdoor homestand at Budweiser Stage, as we get back on-stage for the first time since the world shut-down.”

My favourite songs have three key ingredients: they make you wanna 1) sing and 2) dance and 3) have a cry all at once,” says Kerman. “Hopefully each ‘Swing’ in this song can do that for you, and you’ll actively feel all 3 if you’re coming to a show this weekend.”



8. Jelly Roll releases ‘

Jelly Roll, the giant underground genre-bending singer/songwriter/rapper today releases his new track, ‘Sober‘. In conjunction with the release, Jelly Roll will share the emotional music video for the song with a YouTube Premiere.

‘Sober’ is an honest and raw confession of a flawed man owning up to his demons. Drawing from his own personal experiences, Jelly Roll touches on pain, the path to redemption and the vices that hurt and heal at the same time.

“I have so much new music to share with y’all but after sharing a snippet of ‘Sober’ on socials and seeing the response, I decided I had to listen to the people and drop this track first,”  said Jelly Roll. “The day this song was written, I got goosebumps from my feet to the back of my head. It was so cathartic to create— I feel like there is something truly special about this song and hope other people feel it too.”

9. Hedegaard, Echosmith and Tvilling release ‘100 Years’

A year like the one we just survived has had the world talking about so-called “100-year events”.

The idea for this song inspired the US supergroup ‘Echosmith’ to reach out to some of their European friends in music to do a cross-Atlantic collaboration as they seek to try out a fresh take on the band’s sound.

Together with the Danish artists ‘Hedegaard’ (producer) and ‘Tvilling’ (singer), they have created a modern-day pop-anthem called ‘100 Years’. The artists combine the incredible pop writing skills of Echosmith with the Midas touch of Hedegaard, wrapping it in his European style pulse, with hints of inspiration from the glorious ’80s. The vocals of Sydney Sierota and Jon Nørgaard blend wonderfully, and the sum of it has created an infectious and emotionally charged dance-pop record.

10. Cheat Codes release ‘All Things $ Can Do’

Multi-platinum hit-making trio Cheat Codes, popularly known for their smash single “No Promises” (feat. Demi Lovato), have collaborated with prolific drummer and producer Travis Barker and electro-pop singer Tove Styrke to release their latest single, “All Things $ Can Do.” Coming off their Country-Pop crossover single, “Never Love You Again” with Little Big Town and Bryn Christopher, the chart-topping artists are back to showcase yet another dimension of their artistry with their newest cross-genre collaboration. “All Things $ Can Do” is available now on all digital streaming services.

“All Things $ Can Do” is a genre-blending single that combines rock, trap, and pop influences into one. The song begins with Tove Styrke’s beautiful vocals singing along to a trap beat. The rock influence begins during the build-up and solidifies at the drop that launches the melodic and catchy chorus; making a very polished pop song. Vocals from Cheat Codes can be heard singing alongside Tove Styrke and are most prominent during the second verse. The musicians sing about fixing a state of sadness with materialism, exclaiming “I was sad ‘til I bought something new.”

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